Misconceptions and facts about a newly wed woman not residing in the home of her in-laws during certain months

Question : ‘If in the Hindu lunar month of Ashadh after marriage a newly wed woman lives in the home of the in-laws then it is malevolent for the mother-in-law hence it is said ‘she should not look at the face of her mother-in-law in this month’. Similarly in the month of Jyeshtha the older brother-in-law, in Paush the father-in-law and in adhik mas the husband should not be looked at. Is all this true ?

Answer : This custom has absolutely no Scriptural basis. In the olden days a girl would be married off between the age of 8 to 12 years and she would find it difficult to shoulder the responsibilities of running a home. Besides she was still attached to her parental home so it was a system devised to allow the girl to go to the parental home and learn things from her mother and to allow her to spend some time there. Today things are different. A girl marries late, is a professional or in a job so she cannot afford to spend a month with her parents so there is no need to observe those norms. It appears that this was a social custom created in the interest of the woman to allow her some time for relaxation.’

– Mrs. Prajakta Joshi, Scholar in Astrology.
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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