History and greatness of the temple of Shri Panchaleshwar at Shrikshetra Rakshasbhuvan

The panchaleshwar temple is situated at Shrikshetra Rakshasbhuvan in Gevrai taluka in Beed District of Maharashtra in the basin of river Godavari. Shri Narsinha Saraswati has referred to about this place in the Gurucharitra. It is believed that Shri Dattaguru visits this place for lunch, in the subtle, every day. As Chakradhar Swami has performed penance for some time here, this is a famous place of worship of the Mahanubhav sect.

Materialised (sagun) form of Deity Annapurna
A singleheaded idol of Deity Datta
Shri Datta padukas
A rare Datta yantra attracting the non-materialised (nirgun) Datta Principle

तुम्हासहित औदुंबर । आमुच्या पादुका मनोहर ।

पूजा करिती जे तत्पर । मनकामना पुरती जाणा ॥

Take Darshan of the blissful Deity Datta giving us happiness !


1. Panchaleshwar is Dattatreya’s seat for lunch

I am a trustee here and having been serving here since childhood. This is the place where Dattatreya eats lunch. He bathes at Kashi, asks for alms at Kolhapur and eats at Panchaleshwar.


2. This village has derived its name from King Panchal

Obliging the request of King Panchal and Sage Atma, every day Dattatreya comes here for lunch at noon. Dattatreya has granted the king and the sage a boon that as long as the universe exists He shall come here daily for a meal. It is from the king’s name that this village has been named s Shrikshetra Panchaleshwar. From the name of Sage Atma this place is called ‘Atmateerth’.


3. Divine play of Dattatreya, Govind Prabhu and Chakradharswami here

Govindprabhu Maharaj took renunciation from Panchalingi and came here. Chakradharswami too met Dattatreya here. Dattatreya, Govindprabhu and Chakradharswami performed Divine play here.


4. Spiritual significance

With the grace of Dattatreya when an individual affected with possession, black magic and mental distress comes here and performs seva with dedication he recovers within a month. People come here from far and wide and render seva and feel content.


5. Festivals celebrated here

On Chaitra Krushna paksha 7 there is a palanquin procession and a religious fair here. Religious functions are also held here. Dattajayanti, Shrikrushnajayanti and the birthday of the omniscient Chakradharswami are celebrated here.

Seven days before Dattajayanti there is a celebration. The birthday of Dattatreya is on the fourteenth day of the Hindu lunar fortnight (chaturdashi). A procession is held on full moon day (pournima) and the celebrations end. My personal experience is that with the grace of Datta Maharaj many mentally ill patients get cured.


6. The place where Dattaguru takes a nap after a meal

To the right of Shri Panchaleshwar temple Shri Dattaguru takes a nap after a meal on His left side. A beautiful temple has been constructed here. Around the temple there are swaying trees. The area is well protected. There is a huge entrance to the temple with a room for playing traditional musical instruments.


7. Spiritual experiences

My son not cured with best medical treatment was cured after coming to Shrikshetra Panchaleshwar.

The more we tell about the miracles done by Dattaprabhu the less. I am now giving my personal experience.

‘I had been to Sambhajinagar for some work to visit my father working there. My only son was very ill and no medical treatment was helping him. An authority in Spirituality advised us to go to Shrikshetra Panchaleshwar. Accordingly, I came here and there was a drastic change in my son. Now my family and I are happy.’

Mr. Babasaheb Gulabrao Kothi, Secretary, Shri Panchaleshwar Temple Trust, Rakshasbhuvan
source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat