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How to decide the date of birth as per Hindu lunar calendar ?

The date of birth as per Hindu lunar calendar should be that at the time of birth. If birth occurs at 2 p.m. and if that day the date as per Hindu lunar calendar is shashti (6th day) till 9 am and then became saptami (7th day), then the date of birth becomes saptami.

Based on old and new dates as per Hindu lunar calendar there is no change in the future of the individual. By changing the date as per Hindu lunar calendar only the benefit derived from that date, changes.

In the Subodh Bhrugu Sanhita (Jatak khand) the birth of Rana Pratap as per Hindu lunar calendar is as per time of birth not the time of sunrise of that day. The scientific reason for the date as per Hindu lunar calendar is that date at sunrise is favourable for offering donation, study and performing religious rites.

The date as per Hindu lunar calendar of an individual’s shraddha (rite performed after death) is calculated according to the date (tithi) at the time of death.

As on Sankashta Chaturthi one should give up a fast after seeing the moonrise, the fourth day (chaturthi) from the dark fortnight of the month (krushna paksha), which occurs at moonrise, is called Sankashta Chaturthi. At all other times the dates as per Hindu lunar calendar occurring at sunrise, are taken for granted.

Mrs. Prajakta Joshi, Astrology scholar, Ramnathi, Goa


Why to choose an auspicious
moment (muhurt) to perform an auspicious act ?

Everything in nature is bound to a place, period and time. Based on the period of time the place of every object is predetermined and the action in accordance with it is pre planned by God. When a moment is inauspicious the earth, part of the core of the earth and the atmosphere are all dominated by demoniacal energies and they can pose obstacles in the planned task. Hence either the speed of deriving benefit is reduced or death or financial loss can occur and we do not derive the expected benefit. If the task is performed at an inauspicious moment negative energy distress can be inflicted upon an embodied soul. As during an auspicious moment, the earth gets purified the proportion of Principles of Deities coming to it is also more. An embodied soul benefits from it and gets the desired benefit. Most of the mission is accomplished due to blessings from the Deity. Hence minimum energy is utilized by man in accomplishing the task. Performing every action at the prescribed time is one of the norms from the code of conduct (achardharma). For example waking up at Brahmamuhurt (3 a.m.). and Finding the auspicious moment and performing actions accordingly is associated with the origin, sustenance and dissolution of that action. Auspicious moments can be found out using the science of astrology.

Miss Priyanka Lotlikar, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa


Which day of the week is auspicious for
which ascendant house (lagnarashi) in the horoscope ?

Based on the horoscope at birth, the day of the week controlling the house of benefit (labharashi) is auspicious : ‘The day of the week related to the rashi (sunsign) present in the 11th house of the horoscope which controls that house is always auspicious. Performing any action on that day of the week proves useful. The house in the horoscope which shows a bindu is the ascendant house (lagnarashi).’

Lagnarashi Aries (mesh) Taurus (vrushabh) Gemini (mithun) Cancer (karka) Leo (simha) Virgo (kanya)
Beneficial day Saturday Thursday Tuesday Friday Wednesday Monday
Lagnarashi Libra (tula) Scorpio (vrushchik) Sagittarius (dhanu) Capricorn (makar) Aquarius (kumbha) Pisces (meen)
Beneficial day Sunday Wednesday Friday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Mrs. Prajakta Joshi, Astrology scholar, Ramnathi, Goa
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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