For a 100% accurate prediction the exact moment of conception is essential

Now a days only 30 to 35 % of horoscopes predictions are correct. The accuracy is increased if the astrologer practices spirituality and has good knowledge of the subject. If the horoscope is made based on the time of crowning of the head of the baby then it is 38% correct, if done when the first uterine contractions occur then it is 44 % correct, if the time when the first contraction starts is taken then it is 47 to 48 % correct but who will know that ? Our body has millions of cells. We cannot decipher what has happened to one of the cells. Who will understand that ? Only the woman who is a Saint. In the ancient times the wives of Sages would perceive the exact moment of conception which we do not perceive now. (Compiled from collected matter)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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