The expansive form of Sanatan’s Audio-visual section and the various themes it encompasses

Picture 1 : Sanatan’s Kalamandir – The The modern-age studio equipped with the most modern recent technology, Picture 2 : Videography being done in the studio, Picture 3 : Modern equipment in the Production control room of the studio

1. The tasks of recording audio-video CDs which was initially carried out using hired equipment, has increased manifold.

2. This extensive Kalamandir equipped with the latest technology and modern equipment signifies the magnitude of these tasks. It has 2 studios, 2 production control rooms, an independent room for audio recording, 8 rooms for editing and performing other sevas pertaining to video-recording. This studio was constructed after consulting experts from this field, both from the country and abroad.

3. Till date this studio has produced 36 audio-visual CDs in Marathi, more than 380 in Hindi and in Telugu and Kannada languages on the Dharmasatsangs giving information regarding Hindu festivals.

4. Audio CDs on how to chant Names of Deities appropriately, collection of aratis (Hymns) and guidance on spiritual practice are available for distribution.

5. Today Sanatan also has innumerable audio-video CDs covering various topics such as Dharma, Spirituality, temples, felicitation of Saints, guidance on spiritual practice, spiritual healing, religious rites etc.

6. This seva of video recording encompasses multiple activities right from the preliminary stage of compiling the scripts, to actual video recording, presentation, editing etc. It is a unique manifestation of inspiration to perform pure seva unto Dharma.

7. This section started its journey with the bare minimum equipment and now has reached a stage wherein it is equipped with the most modern studio. Undoubtedly this is because of guidance received from Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale and the intense yearning to deliver this knowledge on Hindu Dharma to the spiritual aspirants as fast as possible.

The seekers’ objective towards the society, from this section, is to light the lamp of knowledge through the medium of these CDs in every household and the vyashti (Individual) objective is to enlighten the subconscious mind with devotion and spiritual emotion.

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