Sanatan’s ashram is a paradise for seekers who sacrificing everything are experiencing bliss from spiritual practice and are being given the spiritual experience of being in the higher regions


1. Misconceptions of some ignorant
people from society regarding the ashram

Some ignorant people from society consider the ashram as inferior. They believe that an ashram is an orphanage or a place where people who have no one to care for them live or is a place for the poor who are incapable of sustaining themselves financially.

That is why they have queries in their minds like,  “Who runs such a huge orphanage ? What are the type of people living here ?”


2. Worldly pleasures, wealth etc. have no value
in the life of seekers experiencing bliss in ashram life
and people from society label them as mentally deranged

People from society consider seekers from the Sanatan ashram as mentally deranged because everyone right from children, youth or the elderly from the ashram dislike worldly life. On the contrary, after sacrificing all worldly pleasures, wealth and theirbody, mind and wealth they are living in the ashram. For a seeker worldly pleasures and wealth have absolutely no value and also they do not regret for sacrificing them, because they are already experiencing everlasting bliss.


3. Sanatan’s seekers are the richest and
luckiest because they live pleading at the Holy feet of God

Miss Sushma Pednekar

The Sanatan ashrams are places where embodied souls who have sacrificed everything offer their body, mind and wealth to God, stay. Seekers residing here have come to overcome their personality defects and ego  and live every moment of life pleading unto God. Thus they become the richest and luckiest embodied souls in the world.

No matter how high the social status of an individual living in the ashram is, when in the ashram he has no thoughts about worldly life. As he has surrendered his entire worldly life to God he gets thoughts only about God.


4. No paper in the world will suffice to describe
Sanatan’s ashrams because one can actually experience God here

Words fall short to describe Sanatan ashrams. Ashram’s description will remain incomplete even if paper as vast as the sky is used to write it. Sanatan ashrams are places which help an unrighteous individual to overcome personality defects and transform into a good being; which take you from sorrow to bliss, where you can get drenched in the sea of spiritual emotion, can experience energy, Divine Consciousness, bliss and peace, a place where you live blissfully by overcoming severe destiny !


5. In Sanatan ashrams gross-subtle, living
and non-living, all are seekers and Paratpar Guru (Dr.)
Athavale takes care of seekers both when alive and after death

Everything in the Sanatan ashrams gross and subtle, living and non-living things are seekers and are continuous sources of learning. These ashrams are an expansive form of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale who takes responsibility for seekers encompassed in this form both when they are living and after death. In fact assuming responsibility for their spiritual practice even after their death, he protects them from negative energies. Here we can experience what is beyond the comprehension of the intellect and it is open for all at all times. Here, there is absolutely no discrimination between rich and poor.


6. Experiencing the varied states of God

Today, on waking up I had a thought in my mind about what what spiritual emotion can I have towards God ? I thought I can experience the gross, subtle, subtler and subtlest states of God in the ashram and than I tried to experience the same . I offer gratitude a million times at the Holy feet of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale for permitting me to live in the ashram and for granting me an opportunity to experience God.

O’ Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, my earnest prayer at Your Holy feet is to let me experience these different states at every moment.

–   Miss Sushma Pednekar, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (21.10.2017)

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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