How to experience spiritual emotion (bhav)

Sadguru (Miss) Anuradha Wadekar who constantly
remains in the world of spiritual emotion of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

The article given ahead was written by Sadguru (Miss) Anuradha Wadekar before she became a Saint and Sadguru. The spiritual emotion she harboured during that period when performing every action was very distinct and worthy of learning. It is due to her immense spiritual emotion for Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale itself that today she has become a Sadguru. To enable all seekers to learn from her efforts, the aspects of her attempts to evoke spiritual emotion, are given here.

1. Waking up in the morning : ‘I wake up every morning with the grace of H.H. (Dr.) Athavale. I am alive only due to His grace.

2. Completing personal chores : I am finishing personal chores to be ready to meet God. The objects I am using for this are of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). I am getting Chaitanya through performing of these chores as well.

3. Opening or closing any door : I am entering the room of H.H. (Dr.) Athavale. I am opening the door of my mind to enter my subconscious mind.

4. When writing : H.H. (Dr.) Athavale is writing using me as a medium. I will derive Divine consciousness through His sattvik letters. He has already written this in the subtle. In the gross He is getting it done, using me as a medium.

5. When talking to seekers on spiritual practice : May both the seeker and myself derive Divine consciousness through this conversation. H.H. (Dr.) Athavale, You alone speak with the seeker through me. May the spiritual practice of the seeker and I occur through this action.

6. When hearing seekers speak : H.H. (Dr.) Athavale is speaking to me through the seeker in front of me and He Himself is listening to him instead of me and I am receiving Divine consciousness through listening to both of them.

7. When seeing seekers : My spiritual practice is occurring because of seekers alone. I can learn from their virtues. God resides within them and He will help me through them. H.H. (Dr.) Athavale is looking at everyone fondly through me and I am deriving Divine consciousness even from this act.

8. When sitting : I am sitting on a mattress charged with Divine consciousness.

– Miss Anuradha Wadekar (Now Sadguru Miss Anuradha Wadekar)


Invaluable guidance from Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale
regarding experiencing the world of spiritual emotion of God

‘You should increase your spiritual emotion so much that God should feel like coming to you. You should not have to go to God.’

If you remain in a state of spiritual emotion constantly then
do not bother about your body, mind and intellect not supporting you !

A seeker : When the body is strong to do seva, the mind and intellect are not supportive and vice versa.

H.H. (Dr.) Athavale : If you constantly remain in a state of spiritual emotion then the body, mind and intellect will not pose any obstacles in seva. Try to remain in a state of constant spiritual emotion by reading the Holy text ‘Spiritual practice to awaken spiritual emotion’. You possess spiritual emotion and you will progress because of that. When you experience spiritual emotion and bliss what else do you need ? What will we get by talking ? Experiencing bliss and awakening spiritual emotion is always superior.


Instead of learning something from Spirituality with
the intellect, it is important to remain in a state of spiritual emotion

The reason for this is that Spirituality is a science beyond the comprehension of intellect and so is spiritual emotion.

My happiness lies in seekers remaining in a state of spiritual emotion

H.H. (Dr.) Athavale (addressing a seeker with severe distress in spiritual practice for several years and now in a state of spiritual emotion) : How did you develop spiritual emotion ?

A seeker : You got everything done through me, You are showering me with Bliss. But O God, I am unable to make any efforts to make you feel happy.

H.H. (Dr.) Athavale : That you are in a state of spiritual emotion is the greatest happiness for me.
(Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is constantly striving to ensure that the spiritual practice of seekers occur and they remain in bliss. We can never repay the debt unto Him, but by taking efforts in the direction advised by Him continuously and wholeheartedly and by remaining in a state of spiritual emotion we can at least make Him happy.’)


Importance of spiritual emotion

  • ‘There is bliss in spiritual emotion. Shanti (Peace) is the next state post spiritual emotion. It is difficult to get in to the state of spiritual emotion. We need to make continuous efforts with spiritual emotion of surrender. God definitely listens to the prayer of a seeker in a state of spiritual emotion. Once spiritual emotion and devotion increases, so does the energy.
  • Just as we cannot express sweetness of sugar in words, in similar way we cannot express spiritual emotion in words. The closest path to remain in communion with God always is to take constant efforts to remain in spiritual emotion.
  • Spiritual emotion is the first step in Spirituality. Till it is evoked, the spiritual practice of a seeker remains at the psychological level and once awakened, the spiritual practice then commences at a spiritual level.’

Spiritual emotion is the passport to going reach to God !

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