Devotion through conversation with God with an emotion of surrender


When treading on the path of spiritual practice your most dear friend is God ! Who are you going to narrate the dual thoughts, conflicts arising in your mind to other than Him ? If the gentle sound of the bell tied around the neck of a cat can reach God then why not our voice ? When you clear your mind and speak to Him you definitely feel light. Some call this as speaking with God, others opening up unto God, and still others call it as having conversation with God with an emotion of surrender. In spiritual practice conversing with God has special significance because it is through this very medium that you get the spiritual experience of non-duality.

Sanatan’s seekers too converse with God every day and experience His presence with them. If you too try to converse with God then you would also most certainly experience Him. How to converse with God is explained below with examples representing two categories.


Mr. Dada Damle, Kudal, Sindhudurg District

Mr. Vinayak (Dada) Damle

‘O God, I do not aspire for Moksha (Final Liberation) or anything similar. All I want is to be a part of the Guru’s mission of establishing a Divine Kingdom. I wish to unfurl the flag of His triumph, in the three worlds. Please give me the strength to accomplish this task. Due to knee pain, I can hardly walk ten steps. I will not be able to do anything without Your support. 98-99% of my physical potential has been exhausted, only 1-2 % is remained. Please conserve it for me till the body is alive, to be able to sustain my destiny. God please give me the strength.

Please inspire me and impart me the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) to perform the mission of the Guru. The spiritual practice that I have performed till date has occurred only with the grace of the Guru. He is the doer and the one getting everything done from me. I wish to remain in His debt and I express gratitude unto Him. Till now I have been able to perform vyashti (Individual) spiritual practice but my samashti (For the sake of society) spiritual practice is still incomplete. Guide me on what other things I need to do to accomplish it.’


Mrs. Rajani Salunkhe, Sanatan ashram, Goa

Mrs. Rajani Salunke

‘O Gurudev, I am unable to do anything and my spiritual practice is not occurring appropriately. I do not possess the potential to do anything. I do not deserve to ask You for anything. You have rescued me from several calamities and kept me alive. I pray unto You to ‘always keep me at Your Holy feet, not to leave my hand’. I am not making any efforts so that you could hold my hand firmly. I am standstill like a milestone. O God, You alone have nurtured me, kept me alive. Though not deserving of it, You have held my hand and have accepted me. Overwhelmed with gratitude for this, I offer a prayer with surrender unto You ‘O compassionate one, please end the impoverished state of several births of this embodied soul, and uplift it spiritually’.


Importance of conversing with God

‘Just keep telling God all the happenings. Communicating with God is important. This will help in discerning whether your acts are right or wrong. Otherwise you will feel as if you know or understand everything.’

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale


Telling God that you are nobody !

Conversing with God is equivalent to surrendering oneself unto Him. If you try to delve and think who you are then you will realize that you are nobody. Once this happens it becomes easy to speak to God. ‘I am nobody, God is the truth, God and the devotee are one’ is conversing with God. Without understanding this you do not attain Sayujya Mukti (Salvation by merging into the Brahmatej or Brahmajyoti of God). This Liberation is eternal.’ (Shri Dasbodh, dashak 4)

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