Shri Ram


Availability of more information about Deities helps in augmenting one’s belief; this in turn assists in smooth spiritual practice. Therefore, useful information about Shriram is given in this article.

Just as a droplet of water containing a trace of oil cannot blend with water completely, similarly unless the devotee of Shriram has imbibed all the attributes of Shriram, he cannot merge with Him, that is he cannot attain Sayujya Mukti. In this context, the attributes of Shriram described here will be a source of guidance to seekers.


  • Shriram Navami

    Shriram Navami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Shriram. On the day of Sri...

  • Rangolis that attract and emit Shriram tattva

    Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit ShriRam tattva (Principle) at home or in the...

  • Worship of Shriram

    Since Shriram is an Incarnation of Shrivishnu, His worship is akin to that of Shrivishnu....

  • Shriram

    Availability of more information about deities helps in augmenting one’s belief: this in turn assists...

  • Shriram chant

    For continuous benefit from the Deity’s Principle, the worship of the Deity should also be...

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