In the festival of Navratri, as per the tradition, rituals of ghatsthapana and mala-bandhan should be performed.

Hindu man performing Mahalay shraddha for his ancestors during Pitru paksha

Preparation and the method of Mahalay Shraddha

Mahalay Shraddha is performed on the tithi of the death of the father of the person doing Shraddha during Pitrupaksha. The details of preparation required for the ritual and the method of the ritual are mentioned in this article.

Man performing Shraddha rites for his departed ancestors, Hindu Dharma, funeral rites and rituals

Presiding Deities and types of Shraddha

Matsya Puran mentions ‘नित्यं नैमित्तिकं काम्यं त्रिविध श्राद्ध मुख्यते ।’, meaning, primarily there are three types of Shraddha – one performed daily, periodically and with purpose (Kamya).