Sub-Gurus of Deity Datta

1. Tree

Trees cleanse themselves of their sins from previous births by surrendering themselves to the will of others, and shower their benevolence upon others by offering shelter to birds and other creatures, protecting travellers by bearing the brunt of the cold, wind, heat themselves and also by providing leaves, flowers and fruit for their subsistence till their death. Humans break, cut, peel and uproot them or pluck their flowers, fruit, leaves and even their gum for household purposes or use them as firewood. Suffering is inflicted on the trees and whatever purpose they can serve, it is extracted from them. The trees endure all this pain and yet continue to serve as long as they exist. In the same way, mumukshus (A seeker with intense desire for attaining God-realisation) should endure all suffering and continue to serve others graciously till they are alive.

Just as trees provide shelter to travellers, householders should offer food and shelter to guests. If by God’s grace you are wealthy, then do not become arrogant. Just as a tree blooming with flowers and fruit bows more and gives more to others, a wealthy man too must serve others with humility.

2. Mountains

The mountains and the earth store mines of precious stones in their wombs, thus bestowing infinite favours on man. Similarly, man should acquire and accumulate knowledge and use it for the benefit of others. Just as in the summers, mountains provide brooks to soothe the people suffering from heat, man too must develop a habit of speaking sweetly to make others happy.

Thus, Deity Datta had several such sub-Gurus.

Reference : Sanatan's Holy Text 'Datta'

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