O devout Hindus upskill yourselves to face the adverse times !

‘Till now we have been acquiring various skills with the objective of uniting Hindus for establishing Hindu nation. As per prevailing times, now we should focus on upskilling ourselves to deal with the adverse situation, especially for the purpose of protecting the Hindus.

Current adverse times are that of calamity and by the next 6 months the actual war will begin. In the warlike emergency, protecting sattvik and nationalist Hindus and our nation would be our real duty towards Dharma. Everyone should increase their capability to be able to perform this duty.

Apart from learning self-defence, acquiring skills such as first-aid, disaster support, firefighting, swimming, driving would be extremely useful in emergency situations. I pray unto the Holy feet of His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj that let everyone obtain intellect to prepare themselves adequately to face the adverse times through this ‘Hindu nation unity conference’.’

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