Saints are not different from God

Saints are not different from God, they are identical. With great luck does one get an opportunity to serve Saints. One who does, is verily blessed by them. – Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Development of devotion and faith

By chanting the ‘Name’ one acquires Bliss (Anand), and Divine Energy (Shakti) increases. When this happens, devotion and faith develop automatically. (Ref. : Sanatan’s Holy text – The Teachings of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj)

Trust and Faith

Do not trust and do not let go of your faith ! Implied meaning : In ‘Do not trust’, one is being asked not to trust Maya (Great Illusion) and in ‘do not let go of your faith’, faith is in the context of God’s ‘Name’, God and Brahman. (Ref. : Sanatan’s Holy text – … Read more

Do not forget God

Take care that during your occupation you do not forget God, because if He abandons you, you would not be able to take a single step without falling or tumbling. – H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj

The path is easy to find, but difficult to continue on

‘The path is easy to find’ means that the Spiritual path is within reach but ‘difficult to continue on’ implies that it is difficult to persevere on this path. –H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj (Ref. : Sanatan’s Holy text – The Teachings of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj)

Meditation and Chanting

Teaching : Which of the two spiritual practices is superior – meditation or chanting ? Explanation : Chanting is superior to meditation because of the following reason – Continuous Meditation : ‘Real state of Awakening’ (Jagrutavastha) Seeker has attraction towards the gross (physical), therefore he comes back into the wakeful state from a state of … Read more

You are a traveller !

When a traveller has firmly decided to take a particular path, howsoever troubled he may be by many storms, he waits patiently, and as soon as he gets the opportunity, once again he begins progressing in the direction of his path, goal. Implied meaning ‘Traveller’ refers to a seeker and ‘going on a path’ means … Read more