O devout Hindus upskill yourselves to face the adverse times !

‘Till now we have been acquiring various skills with the objective of uniting Hindus for establishing Hindu nation. As per prevailing times, now we should focus on upskilling ourselves to deal with the adverse situation, especially for the purpose of protecting the Hindus. Current adverse times are that of calamity and by the next 6 … Read more

Gurupurnima : O’ Hindus ! To survive during the approaching adverse times, perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) under the guidance of Saints and Gurus !

Making efforts as per the times to re-establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ (Sanatan Dharma Rajya) in Bharat amounts to participating in the samashti mission of the Guru. Today, the situation is such that secularists, communists, rationalists and non-Hindu politicians rise against the very term ‘Hindu Nation’. Since they lack knowledge of Spirituality, they do not understand … Read more

Daily test from seeker’s point of view !

‘A Guru tests the seeker in between to expedite his spiritual progress. Seekers should understand that ‘the period, situation and the instances occurring in connection with people coming into contact are testing us everyday.’ – (H.H.) Mr. Sandeep Alshi

What are the politicians thinking today ?

Politicians are all the time engrossed in the thought – ‘What to do to win the next election ?’; on the other hand, seekers always think of ‘How to establish Ramrajya, ‘Hindu Nation’ (Sanatan Dharma Rajya) !’

What if the Government bans Sanatan ?

Many seekers of Sanatan Sanstha look at all incidents with an observer stance or with the perspective that everything is happening as per God’s wish. As a result, even if a ban is imposed on Sanatan Sanstha, the seekers will not feel unhappy !

Harm caused to the Hindus by rationalists !

It is because of rationalists that the task of uniting Hindus (who are everywhere) has to be taken up. This is like teaching students in the primary class. Conversely, because Muslims are religious they are united and are ready to act against people of other religions. Additionally, they are also ready to sacrifice their lives … Read more

There should be no expectations while performing sadhana !

Many seekers wonder that when they are performing so much of sadhana (Spiritual practice), why are they not progressing faster ? Such seekers should remember the following points. 1. Expectations about spiritual progress is also swechha (Our own wish). God, meaning, Shrikrushna has said in Shrimadbhagwadgita – Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana Ma Karma … Read more