There will be no criminals in Hindu Rashtra

The rulers so far have not understood that only education on Dharma will make society spiritually pure and that by merely punishing the criminals, crimes cannot be prevented. In the Hindu Rashtra there will be no criminals since education on Dharma will be imparted to everyone. – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Hindu Rashtra (Nation) is going to be established !

While working to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’, there is no need to have ego that you are doing it. As per the significance of time, this is bound to happen. However, spiritual practice of those who participate in the mission will get performed by sacrificing their body-mind-wealth, and they will be liberated from the cycles … Read more

Severity of the adverse times

The adverse times have already begun through earthquakes, floods, etc. Severity of the adverse times will increase from the Year 2021 and continue till 2023, meaning, till the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (Ideal Divine Rule) in India. – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Jayant Athavale

O devout Hindus upskill yourselves to face the adverse times !

‘Till now we have been acquiring various skills with the objective of uniting Hindus for establishing Hindu nation. As per prevailing times, now we should focus on upskilling ourselves to deal with the adverse situation, especially for the purpose of protecting the Hindus. Current adverse times are that of calamity and by the next 6 … Read more

What are the politicians thinking today ?

Politicians are all the time engrossed in the thought – ‘What to do to win the next election ?’; on the other hand, seekers always think of ‘How to establish Ramrajya, ‘Hindu Nation’ (Sanatan Dharma Rajya) !’

Harm caused to the Hindus by rationalists !

It is because of rationalists that the task of uniting Hindus (who are everywhere) has to be taken up. This is like teaching students in the primary class. Conversely, because Muslims are religious they are united and are ready to act against people of other religions. Additionally, they are also ready to sacrifice their lives … Read more

The value of the name of a road or establishment

The names of roads and various establishments in the Divine Kingdom will not be the names of Politicians or of such individuals whose names are not known to all even when they are alive or whose names are known for a mere 1-2 generations. Similarly, the statues of Politicians and the kinds of individuals mentioned … Read more