Do not be disappointed if seva does not get done perfectly, because ‘perfect seva’ is the goal !

Many seekers feel disappointed and become pessimistic if the seva (Service unto Absolute Truth) being performed by them does not get done perfectly, or others point out mistakes in their sevas. ‘Seva getting done perfectly’ is the goal, and it takes some time to achieve this.

Some reasons why seva does not get done perfectly

If we try to comprehend the reason why seva does not get done perfectly, we will not feel disappointed; on the contrary, it will inspire us to enhance our efforts to achieve the goal.

1. The proportion of various qualities and defects varies in seekers. ‘Performing perfect seva’ is a quality. In some seekers, this quality basically is less, but it enhances after necessary efforts.

2. The proportion of mistakes is likely to be higher in the case of seekers who have to perform seva for more hours, and the scope of sevas is vast.

3. Samashti seva (Seva for the spread of Spirituality) requires teamwork. Therefore, it cannot become perfect only on the strength of intelligence of a single seeker. To achieve perfection, the contribution of all participating seekers is important. Therefore, instead of falling prey to negativity, such as ‘Why this did not occur to me when others could think it right’, think positively – ‘God is getting teamwork performed through all of us’.

4. Seekers do not spend enough time to regularly study their mistakes in seva and find effective measures to overcome the the root cause of their mistakes.

5. Presently, since the severity of distress due to negative energies has increased, the proportion of covering on the mind and intellect of seekers is also on the rise. Seekers should realise that this may also be one reason for certain limitations in seva being done perfectly. Therefore, seekers should not waste their time in over-analysing their mistakes, instead, they should move ahead by learning through their mistakes with necessary introspection.

Certain perspectives to be realised after making mistakes !

1. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale sometimes gives me some of His writings to check. If I suggest minor changes in the writings, He says to seekers, “Good ! Now, the writing has become more perfect”. If we have a similar yearning that any work associated with Sanatan should be perfect, we will not feel bad when someone points out our mistakes in seva.

2. If we have bhav (Spiritual emotion) that God is making us progress in sadhana (Spiritual practice) by teaching us through mistakes and we also imbibe Anand (Bliss) in the process of learning, we will not be disappointed by the mistakes we commit in sevas.

3. Even if we make mistakes in seva, we should be able to express gratitude unto God for considering us competent to perform a particular seva.

4. Struggle is an important part of sadhana. There is no struggle in thinking, ‘Anyone can do what we are able to do’. However, true sadhana lies in trying to do something we are not able to do; this itself is a struggle, and a seeker is moulded only through such a struggle and finally achieves dissolution of the mind.

5. If we were to have firm conviction that God will get perfect seva done through us, it will definitely materialise.

– Sanatan’s Saint, H.H. Sandeep Alshi

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