Gurupurnima : O’ Hindus ! To survive during the approaching adverse times, perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) under the guidance of Saints and Gurus !

Making efforts as per the times to re-establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ (Sanatan Dharma Rajya) in Bharat amounts to participating in the samashti mission of the Guru. Today, the situation is such that secularists, communists, rationalists and non-Hindu politicians rise against the very term ‘Hindu Nation’. Since they lack knowledge of Spirituality, they do not understand aspects such as significance of time, the subtle dimension and grace of God. Truly speaking, events taking place on earth are insignificant. Every event that takes place at the gross level on the earth has already taken place at the subtle level.

The real battle is between the Deities and the demons, and every battle of this nature has been won by the Deities. Today, a subtle battle is going on for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ on the earth, and demoniacal energies from the earth till the 6th region of Hell have been defeated.

Its visible effect on Bharat is – defeat of the Tama-predominant political parties and triumph of Raja-predominant political parties in elections.

Today, a battle is being fought with the demoniacal energies from the 7th region of Hell, whose effects will be seen over the next 2-3 years. Since this is the final battle with the demoniacal energies, it is going to be fierce. The extent to which this period is conducive for energies that oppose Hindu Dharma is as non-conducive to the devout Hindus.

After 2018, there will be an anarchy-like situation every-where. Due to natural calamities and the World War III, life will become difficult. Many Seers have said, ‘The coming times are extremely adverse not only for Bharat but also for the entire world’. These extremely adverse times can be faced only on the strength of immense Atmabal (Power of the soul), which can be obtained only by the grace of Saints and through sadhana.

Though the present times are adverse, the period after 2023 is beneficial for Dharma. During this period that Sattva-predominant people will establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ in Bharat.

Gurupournima is the day to express gratitude at the Holy feet of the Saints (who guide us in our sadhana) and the Guru. In fact, instead of celebrating Gurupournima to express gratitude, the Guru Principle expects us to perform sadhana as told by Saints and Guru throughout the year. O’ Hindus ! Starting this year’s Gurupournima, firmly resolve to perform sadhana as advised by the Saints and the Guru at least to remain alive in the coming adverse times !

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