Our role in this life should be that of a guest !

Our role in this life should be that of a guest !

We should be aware that we are guests here and have to go back to our homes.

Howsoever good be the food prepared by the lady of the house, the guest always appreciates it. Whatever be the arrangements made for him, he accepts gracefully. Similarly, we have to happily accept the joys and sorrows in our lives. ‘Accept joys and sorrows equally’, because the embodied soul is a guest in this life; our permanent dwelling place is at the feet of God.

Chanting the Name is a means of remembering God continuously.

At home, just as we get angry, act stubbornly or show our displeasure, so must one quarrel, argue, be stubborn with God.

On completing his stay, a guest bids farewell to everyone and happily goes home. Similarly, the embodied soul should be overjoyed while leaving the body, because it is going home.

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