The theories that science proves within its limited sphere and many other theories that are of subtler and superior level have been proved with evidence by the ancient sages thousands of years ago.

Gauri Puja (Jyeshtagouri Vrat)

The spiritual science underlying the invocation of Gouri is the welcome of the Deity of Knowledge and the supernatural powers which accompany Sri Ganeshji and to surrender to them with a sense of gratitude.

Ashadhi Ekadashi

When we think of Ashadhi Ekadashi, the wari(an annual pilgrimage) of Pandharpur comes before our eyes. Among all the 24 Ekadashis in a year, this Ekadashi is the most significant. Let us learn the history and the importance of the vrat of Ashadhi Ekadashi.

Chaturmas and its importance

Chaturmas is reserved the year for penance, austerities, fasting, bathing in holy rivers and religious observances for all. Devotees resolve to observe some form of vow. Let’s explore Chaturmasya and its importance in this article.

Types of vrats (Vowed religious observances)

It is difficult for the common man to perform conducts according to the Vedas. To overcome this difficulty, Puranas (18 sacred Holy texts by Sage Vyas) have mentioned the observance of vrats. Let us understand various vrats and their significance.

Shravan Maas Vrats (Part 2)

At the mention of the Hindu lunar month of Shravan (Shravan maas), one remembers the vrats (Vowed religious observances). It is difficult for the common people to perform conducts according to the Vedas (The most sacred Hindu scriptures, revealed directly by God).