Wari of Pandharpur : An example of ardent bhav and devotion !

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The warkari sect has the bhav that Deity Vitthal is the mother of the whole world. Warkaris are famous for their devotion and bhav unto the deity. While chanting, ‘Vitthal Vitthal Jay Hari Vitthal’ they walk in the wari and after returning from the wari they continue worshipping Shri Vitthal in the vicinity of their house. They inspire everyone to worship Shri Vitthal. Warkaris believe that going once for a wari is more spiritually beneficial than going to Kashi for 5 times and pilgrimage to Dwaraka three times.

Let us take the darshan of Shri Vitthal through pictures.

Holy Nandurki tree at Dehu, from where Saint Tukaram attained Vaikunth with His physical body


Samadhi (Tomb) of Saint Chokhamela in front of Shri Vitthal Mandir in Pandharpur


Samadhi mandir of Saint Kanhopatra who merged into the ‘Tarati’ tree in Vitthal mandir


Pilgrimage Alandi becoming Holy due to Saint Dnyaneswar’s presence


Thousands of warkari bathing at the bank of the river Indrayani in Srikshetra Alandi and the dome of the Samadhi mandir of Shri Dnyaneshwar on the right is shown in a circle ! Millions of people get the anubhuti of the dome of the temple moving.

Warkari lives a devotional life, thinking about wellbeing of everyone, seeing God in every act, abiding by Dharma and making the Path of Bhagvatdharma easy to follow.

Let us join the bliss giving wari in Pandharpur on the occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi and meet Vithuraya. Make the wari of every ‘jiva’’s (Soul) life along with the wari, devotional, is a prayer at your feet!

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