Chant of Deity Shri Hanuman

Hanuman was born to Anjani on parvatithi (An auspicious day). Soon after His birth, Hanuman advanced towards the rising sun as He thought it to be some ripe fruit.

Shriram chant

For continuous benefit from the Deity’s Principle, the worship of the Deity should also be continuous, and there is only one such form of worship – chanting.

Which ‘Name’ should one chant ? (Part 2)

According to a principle in Spirituality that, ‘There are as many temperaments as the number of people’, there are as many paths in Spirituality as the number of people. Thus, everyone should chant the name of Deity most appropriate to them.

Deity Datta’s Arti

To know more about Deity Datta’s Arati and Implied meaning of some of the difficult words in the Arati read this article.