Teachings of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale and how entire humanity is benefiting from His Chaitanya and Grace… – Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav

Paratpar Guru Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale

1. Meeting at Sukhsagar !

1 A. Surprised observing only a cot and a table in the room of Paratpar Guru Doctor

It was about a year since we had started sadhana. Sometime later I had gone to Dhamse in Goa to attend a shibir of awakening bhav (Bhavjagruti) and after the shibir, I had gone to meet H.H. Gurudev in Sukhsagar. That time a seeker took me to His room. That time I was surprised to see only a cot and a table in His room.

1 B. Having an anubhuti about every thought in our mind reaches H.H. Gurudev

I could talk to H.H. Gurudev for a very short time as it was time to have Mahaprasad. I was to leave immediately after the Mahaprasad. H.H. Gurudev was standing in the passage with some papers in hand so I waited aside till He went in His room. After He was gone I decided to leave after filling my water bottle. Suddenly He came to me and showed some papers (handbills) in His hand. I did not understand why He was showing those hand bills to me. After showing the hand bills, He said, now you may go. Even when I left, I was thinking about the same, as to why did He show those hand bills. Just then I remembered my conversation with Dr. Jadhav (Ghongane) on the subject the handbills were based. I have got such anubhutis of my thoughts reaching Him several times.


2. Points learnt from H.H. Gurudev in Gurudwara at Nanded

2 A. Remembering that we have to cover our head while entering a Gurudwara, H.H. Gurudev kept Sanatan’s cap ready while getting down from the car

H.H. Gurudev was supposed to come to Nanded. After reaching Nanded, a visit to local Gurudwara was arranged for Him. ‘There is a rule that while entering a Gurudwara, gents have to cover their head with a handkerchief or cap and ladies to have their odhani or handkerchief’. Hence I had asked a seeker to wait at the spot where He would stop His car with a new white handkerchief and decided to give it to Him when he comes. H.H. Gurudev had Sanatan’s cap on His head while He was getting down the car.

2 B. Despite having knee-pain, H.H. Gurudev paying obeisance by bending His knees and touching His head to the ground

When we went to the Gurudwara, we had requested a Sikh to give us information about that Grudwara. While giving us the information, that person was paying obeisance by bending his knees and touching his head to the ground. H.H. Gurudev too was doing the same every time despite having pain in His knees. At the end, we were to meet Gurudwara’s chief priest. These priests are Saints. After a lot of discussion that priest gave H.H. Gurudev a copy of ‘Granthsaheb’ (Scripture) and H.H. Gurudev gave Him some Hindu Holy texts. While returning H.H. Dr. bowed down and put His head on that priest’s feet. Thereafter, when any seeker would visit Gurudwara with me, I would also pay obeisance as H.H. Gurudev had done.


3. Performing subtle test as taught by H.H. Gurudev in Miraj Ashram

3 A. Due to receiving encouragement from H.H. Gurudev confidence increasing feeling happy due to understanding subtle dimension

I and H.H. Kalidas Deshpande kaka had stayed in Miraj Ashram for learning how to do spiritual upay. That time H.H. Gurudev would teach us to tell our reading about the distress. I was not very confident about anything related to subtle, hence I was not coming forward; but one day He told us to try. We both prayed and tried to do the testing. When we told H.H. Gurudev our findings of the testing, He confirmed it to be right and He sent Prasad to both of us with H.H. Anu tai (Sadguru Anuradha Wadekar). Because of his encouraging us, we could do subtle testing. Our confidence increased and we felt happy knowing that we understood subtle then. That is why we could perceive H.H. Gurudev and Shri Durgadevi coming there in subtle.

3 B. After having prayed at the time of a speech getting the vision of Shri Durgadevi

Once there was a rally. While concluding the rally Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni gave a speech. When I prayed to understand the subtle part there, I saw Shri Durgadevi coming there. That time Mrs. Sujata Kulkarni was speaking with spirit. She had raised her voice and that speech was very effective. Due to H.H. Gurudev’s grace I could have a vision of H.H. Gurudev and Shri Durgadevi. I am offering millions of gratitude.


4. H.H. Gurudev’s unrestricted grace on seekers and the whole of humanity !

4 A. Invaluable gift of Holy texts and sattvik products !

He has given for the whole universe ocean of knowledge in the form of Holy texts, many sattvik products, Deities’ pictures giving Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) and Ganesh idol.

4 B. Imprinting the goal of Final Liberation

Currently many families are doing full time sadhana, This is also by His grace, that they have realized that ‘human birth is to attain Final liberation’.

4 C. Seekers and Saints progressing fast

He made seekers do sadhana as per ‘Gurukrupayoga’, and many seekers have progressed by that. Some have attained sainthood; whereas many are on the path of attaining sainthood.

4 D. Understanding the mystery behind the birth of Divine children

Because of Him we understood, why many Divine children are taking birth.

4 E. Able to hear Divine sounds and Divine particles

It is only by His grace that we are able to hear Divine sounds and see Divine particles, which is beyond imagination. It is difficult to explain in words the greatness of what He has given us. People in Tretayug could see God in the form of Shriram and in Dwaparyug they saw God in Shrikrushna’s form. Likewise in Kaliyug we are experiencing and learning the qualities of God through the medium of H.H. Doctor. We could experience grace, compassion, love, omniscience of God through Him. Hence we can never express our gratitude to Him in words. My millions of gratitude at His Holy feet !


The process of establishing a Hindu Nation has gained tremendous speed not only in Bharat but all over the world due to H.H. Gurudev’s Chaitanya being transmitted all over

Currently various events are being held all over Bharat on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of H.H. Gurudev. His Chaitanya is being transmitted all over, through Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas, lectures based on sadhana, offering prayers to Deities in various temples seeking protection, Namdindi (Procession with people chanting the Name of God), banners with H.H. Gurudev’s brilliant thoughts, distribution of Holy texts. It is by His grace that seekers have got an opportunity to offer their gratitude unto Him by spreading His Teachings in the society. It appears that, Hindus are getting united through all these projects whereby awakening Brahmatej and Kashatratej among them. It is His grace only that due to the Chaitanya that is getting transmitted all over and due to His resolve the process of establishing a Hindu Nation is gaining tremendous speed.

I could think to write this because of His grace and He only got it written from me, hence I am ever grateful at His Holy feet.’ – (Sadguru) Mr. Nandkumar Jadhav (11.5.2017)

Subtle Test:  Whatever the chitta (subconscious mind) experiences with regard to any incident or process, is called the subtle test.

The anubhutis published are in connection to the saying, ‘Where there is bhav there is God’ are personal anubhutis. All may not get them in general. – Editor

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