A novel mudra to remove distressing energy covering

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1. The discovery of a novel mudra

In 2021, a yajna (sacrificial fire) was organised in Sanatan Ashram (Ramnathi). When the yajaman (host performing the yajna) was giving the offerings in the sacrificial fires I sensed that a black covering of distressing energies has been formed around him. When I tried to remove the covering around him, it was not going away. Then I realised that the negative energies are directing the flow of distressing energies on the seeker from the top (above the seeker’s head) due to which the covering of distressing energies formed around the seeker was not getting eliminated. I realised that the flow of distressing energies from the top should be stopped first, to eliminate the covering.

Then God gave me the thought to keep the right palm 1-2 centimetres above the head facing the head and the left palm on it facing upwards (Please see Photo 1). I named this novel mudra as ‘mudra of palms held together’. I chanted ‘Mahashunya’ while doing this mudra. Within 10 minutes of doing this, the flow of distressing energies coming from the top stopped, at the same time the covering around the yajaman also considerably reduced.

(Photo 1)

1 A. The effect of the novel mudra

While performing the spiritual remedy on the yajaman with the novel mudra, I became aware of the following

The palm facing upwards blocked the flow of distressing energy being directed by the negative energies from the top, and
The palm facing my head performed spiritual healing occurred on myself, i.e. on the yajaman on whom I was performing the spiritual remedy

Together, these two processes reduced the negative energy covering around the yajaman. Thus this novel mudra was discovered.

2. Importance of using the novel mudra

In the past whenever the negative energies used to attack and form negative covering over our body, they used to create it on one chakra or at most two chakras. Then the procedure of ‘removing the negative covering using both fists’ used to be effective. The process is shown in Photos 2 and 2A – You grab the covering of distressing energies formed over the body in the both fists and throw it away from the body.

(Photo 2)
(Photo 2A)

Thereafter, the level of subtle war increased. Instead of creating the covering on just one or two chakras, the negative energies began creating the covering from head to chest or from head to the waist and charging the 4 chakras (from Sahasrar to Anahat) or 6 chakras (Sahasrar to Swadhisthan) with black energy. This could only be countered by the spiritual remedy of using (moving) ‘tower mudra’ over the body. The tower mudra (Photo 3) is formed by touching the tips of middle fingers of both hands and touching the wrists of both the hands to the crown on both sides resembling a tower, and moving this mudra over the Kundalini chakras (from Sahasrar to Swadhisthan chakra), i.e. from top to bottom and vice versa, for 7 – 8 times.

(Photo 3)

Thereafter the level of subtle war increased further. Rather than creating negative energy covering around the individual only once and then keeping quiet, the negative energies began continuously channeling the flow of distressing energies on the individual. Therefore, both the earlier procedures of using the fists and the tower mudra became ineffective. This is because no matter how many times and how much negative energy covering is removed the covering would never be eliminated since the flow of distressing energies was continuous. Thus, the flow of distressing energies coming towards the person needs to be blocked first. This is possible though the novel mudra of using both palms.

3. Method of removing the negative energy covering formed over the body using the ‘mudra of two palms together’

At first, find the healing chant using the method of Pranashakti (Vital energy) flow system (For more information – click here. For ready reference get your copy of Sanatan’s book that explains the process.) While removing the black covering formed over one’s body, one should continuously repeat the healing chant that was found through this process. To eliminate the black covering one should perform the ‘mudra of two palms together’ and this mudra should be moved from ‘top to bottom and vice versa’ over the Kundalini chakras (from Sahasrar to Swadhisthan chakra) 7 – 8 times. Hold the mudra for about half a minute near each chakra. Keep a distance of around 2 to 3 centimeters from one’s body while moving the mudra over these chakras.

After doing this you should experience a reduction in the heaviness or pressure on your body that was created due to the negative energy covering. Thereafter, the remaining covering can be completely removed using the procedure of ‘removing the covering using fists (See point no. 2.)’ or using the ‘Tower mudra’ if required.

4. Additional benefits of the ‘mudra of two palms together’

(Photo 4)

4 A. To stop the flow of distressing energy coming from above or below in a room

When performing seva on a computer sometimes we experience that the computer shuts down repeatedly or there are repetitive errors or shortcomings in the seva. Similarly, repeated obstacles may be experienced in other sevas. Through subtle analysis we understand that negative energies are emitting their distressing energy from the top on the medium of our seva. In such situation, the ‘mudra of two palms together’ is beneficial in stopping the flow of distressing energy. Hold the mudra by placing one of the palms facing upwards and other facing downwards towards the ground in the front of yourself (See Photo 4). (If possible you can perform this mudra on the medium of your seva, for example, a computer or an equipment. In this case, hold the ‘mudra of two palms together’ on the computer or the equipment. This way, the spiritual remedy will occur on the computer or the equipment as well and the flow of distressing energy coming from above will also be stopped.) The palm of one hand should be directed in the direction from where the negative energy is to be removed and based on the need of the distress repeat one of the chants from, ‘Shunya, Mahashunya, Nirgun or Om’ (These chants are also available in the audio gallery). You can stop the remedy once you perceive the room feeling light.

Sometimes, the negative energies emit distressing energy from the Hell region, i.e., from the ground. The mudra shown in Photo 4 can also be used, along with chanting, to stop this flow of distressing energy emanating from the ground.

(Photo 5)

4 B. To stop the distressing energy emitted towards us from the front, and to remove the curtain of distressing energy present in front of us

Sometimes the negative energies keep emitting the distressing energy towards us from the front. Similarly, sometimes a curtain of distressing energy is created by the negative energies in front of us. In both situations, the ‘mudra of two palms together’ is useful. The mudra should be done such that the palm of one hand is facing towards us and the other palm facing in the front (see Photo 5), and in addition the required chant should be repeated. Do this spiritual remedy  until your body feels light.

These spiritual remedies for removing the black energy covering from our body have been discovered only by the Guru’s grace. Therefore, we seekers express our gratitude at the Holy feet of Shri Guru.’

— (Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Goa. (9.7.2023)

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