How can we reach the spiritual level of 60% ?


1. If we study well, we will certainly pass any examination. Similarly, if we perform sadhana in an appropriate manner, we will without doubt reach the spiritual level of 60%.

2. Examination in worldly life and in sadhana : Except in sadhana, we face annual examinations in all subjects, and most students clear examinations despite studying for 2-3 months only before the examinations.

However, in sadhana, examinations are held every day, every moment, and the spiritual level of 60% and beyond can be reached only after passing these examinations.

3. Even though we see seekers performing similar type of seva in Ashrams or in Prasar (Spread of Spirituality) outwardly, they will progress spiritually when the seva starts becoming more and more perfect, full of bhav (Spiritual emotion) and without ego.

Source: Fortnightly English Sanatan Prabhat

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