Efforts required to be undertaken to attain spiritual level of 61%

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1. How can one reach the spiritual level of 61%?

A. If we study well, we will certainly clear any examination. Similarly, if we perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) in an appropriate manner, we will without doubt reach the spiritual level of 61%.

B. Examination in worldly life and in sadhana : Except in sadhana, we face annual examinations in all curriculums, and most students clear examinations despite studying for 2-3 months only before the examinations. In sadhana, however, the examinations are held every day, at every moment, and the spiritual level of 61% and beyond can be reached only after clearing these examinations.

C. Even though we see seekers performing similar type of seva (Spiritual service) in Ashrams or in Prasar (Spread of Spirituality) outwardly, they progress spiritually only when the seva starts becoming more and more perfect, full of bhav (Spiritual emotion) and devoid of ego.


2. Identifying spiritual level of the seekers

Some seekers can recognize that a co-seeker has attained spiritual level between 61 to 70 percent. Some can identify; however, they are not certain and other seekers are unable to recognize it.

A. Reasons for not being able to identify the spiritual level

1. Every individual has a unique temperament, attitude, way of speaking and behaving, and hence these attributes cannot help in identifying the spiritual level of a person.

2. Extent of elimination of personality defects, ego removal, chanting, satsang (Holy company), satseva, sacrifice, priti (Spiritual love devoid of any expectations), awakening of spiritual emotion, which constitute individual spiritual practice are different in everyone. Even the sphere of collective spiritual practice is different for every individual. This is also why it becomes difficult to identify spiritual level of an individual.

B. Useful aspects that can help in identifying spiritual level

1. Seeker’s face looking sattvik or happy.

2. Seva being performed by the seeker with spiritual emotion and perfection.

3. One feels good when listening to the seeker or when in the company of the seeker or while looking at his photograph.
Perceiving the attitude of introversion in the seeker.

4. One should study other seekers keeping these factors in mind. This will help in gradually understanding the spiritual level of a seeker, as well as it will help in knowing efforts to be undertaken by various seekers for raising one’s level and the required help can then be extended accordingly. One can also recognize the good traits of the seekers with higher spiritual level and take efforts to imbibe them in oneself.

(Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale (2012)


3. Importance of spiritual level of 61%

‘In spiritual terms, if spiritual level of God is considered 100% and spiritual level of inanimate objects is considered as 0% then an average individual is at 20% spiritual level. A person of this level thinks only of his own happiness and sorrow. He has no concern for the society and thinks that he is the doer of each act. When an individual reaches spiritual level of 30%, then it accepts existence of God to some extent and starts to perform spiritual practice and seva. When the urge for God realization and towards material happiness becomes equal, the spiritual level of the individual reaches 50%. At spiritual level of 61%, the individual begins to become detached from Maya. At this stage, dissolution of its mind begins and thoughts from Universal mind starts to flow in. Post death, the soul gets liberated from the cycle of life and death and attains a seat in Maharlok (The fourth higher positive subtle region of the Universe).’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale.


4. Importance of attaining the stage of spiritual level of 61% and 65%

A. Seekers at spiritual level of 61%

A. Ability to impart spiritual healing to seekers afflicted by negative energies : They can fight with negative energies from 4th level of the Patal (Hell region) for 4 months.

B. Further spiritual progress : If these seekers maintain continuity in their spiritual practice and do not let their ego rise, then they can become saints in 4-5 years (at spiritual level of 70%, one becomes a saint).

B. Seekers at spiritual level of 65%

A. Ability to impart spiritual healing to seekers afflicted by negative energies : A seeker at spiritual level of 65% is equivalent to 30 seekers at 61% spiritual level. These seekers can fight back powerful negative energies from 4th level of the Patal for 7 months and with powerful negative energies from 5th level of the Patal for approximately 2 months. With this, the ongoing battle with the negative energies is gradually gaining momentum.

B. Further spiritual progress : If these seekers maintain continuity in their spiritual practice and do not let their ego rise, then they can attain spiritual level of 70% in 2-3 years, i.e. attain sainthood.

C. Reasons for progression of the journey of seekers
from Mahalok to Final Liberation post attaining spiritual level of 61%
and lack of desire for attaining heaven in the minds of such seekers

A. Till they attain spiritual level of 61%, the sanskar (Subconscious impression) of sacrifice is already created on the subconscious mind of the seekers. This sanskar further does not let the seekers get stuck in Maya.

B. After reaching the spiritual level of 61%, the seekers start getting spiritual experiences of bliss, which is so superior that compared to it, not just the worldly happiness, even the thought of heavenly happiness feels inferior.

C. The intense desire in the seeker’s mind for acquiring God, keeps fuelling his further journey.

D. Some seekers have inherent attitude of striving towards fast progress. 100 years of spiritual practice on the earth is equivalent to 10,000 years of spiritual practice performed in Maharlok. Therefore, such seekers prefer to take birth on earth and perform maximum spiritual practice to attain Final Liberation as soon as possible. Hence some souls who are already in Maharlok, take rebirth on the earth. That is why irrespective of whether a seeker has a physical body or not, his spiritual progress towards Final Liberation keeps happening.

D. Characteristics of seekers at spiritual level of 61% and saints at spiritual level of 70%

A. Characteristics of Sanatan’s seekers at spiritual level of 61%

1. Able to remain detached from Maya.

2. Fragrance emitting from their body and few items of their use.

3. Dissolution of mind begins. Able to absorb thoughts from Universal mind.

4. Able to perform spiritual healing on seekers afflicted by negative energies from the 4th level of Patal.

5. Post death, the seekers get liberated from the cycle of life and death and attain a place in Maharlok.

– (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale (year 2012)


5. Indirect benefit to the family of the
seekers with spiritual level of more than 61%

Nowadays, since many people do not perform the ritual of Shraddha, their deceased ancestors’ souls give distress to the family members. Even if one decides to perform Shraddha, getting a sattvik priest to perform the ritual is difficult, due to which one does not derive the benefit of performing the ritual. Souls of the seekers at spiritual level of 61% go to Maharlok after death. Therefore, they do not burden their children to even perform the ritual of Shraddha for them. – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale (year 2011)


6. Seekers, please keep following points
in mind if you want to attain spiritual level of 61%

‘Till the time one keeps thinking about how well one has accomplished the assigned seva and only about one’s spiritual progress and spiritual level, one cannot attain the spiritual level of 61%. Once these thoughts cease to occur and one experiences bliss from the seva performed and the chanting of God’s Name, only then the spiritual level of 61% is achieved.’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale (year 2012)


7. Seekers, do not feel disappointed
if a co-seeker has attained spiritual level of 61%

Some seekers feel disappointed that they could not progress when a co-seeker attains spiritual level of 61%. Such seekers should keep in mind following aspects :

1. What are the qualities in the seeker attaining 61% spiritual level?

2. Where am I lacking?

3. If the spiritual practice performed by both the seekers is equal and one progresses faster than the other, then the intensity of destiny in the first person is less than the second one.

4. Instead of feeling disappointed, one should have a thought process that if the other seeker has attained spiritual level of 61%, why cannot I? One can also take autosuggestion in this regard.

5. If one has good seeker qualities, instead of getting into a setback, one would praise the co-seeker for attaining higher spiritual level.

– (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale


8. When a seeker attains spiritual level of 61%,
everyone starts experiencing bliss everywhere

‘When a seeker attains spiritual level of 61%, everyone feels happy and by seeing their happiness, the seeker who has progressed spiritually also feels happy. All in all, everyone gets spiritual experience of happiness being everywhere. ’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale (year 2012)


9. To ensure that the spiritual level
gained by Guru’s grace does not fall,
make serious efforts to eliminate your mistakes and faults!

Attaining spiritual level of 61% is indeed a boon acquired by Guru’s grace, as one can easily receive the assistance from God, even in greater extent, to progress further spiritually thereafter. Therefore, it is our duty to make earnest efforts in spiritual practice bearing gratitude in our minds. However lately it has been observed that some seekers who have attained 61% spiritual level are not serious about their mistakes and defects and therefore their spiritual level is declining. It will be difficult for such seekers to sustain in upcoming adverse period. Seekers should eliminate their personality defects and should undertake serious efforts in increasing their spiritual practice. If such seekers are unable to increase their efforts for spiritual practice, at least they should see to it that mistakes do not happen. This way even if their spiritual level does not increase, at least it will not decline.’


10. No comparison of Government awards,
which have only temporary importance in India,
with spiritual level of 61% and above

Indian Government every year declares awards in the category of Padmashree, Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan etc., and awards related to various subjects. The awardees get some importance in that year and only to some extent in India. State Government award winners are no different. In contrast to this, once a seeker attains spiritual level of 61% and above and till attaining Final Liberation, the seeker able to provide support to anyone in the universe.’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

‘The objective of declaring spiritual level of a seeker at 61% is that the seeker should know how far his progress has happened, get acceleration for his further progress towards sainthood and providing inspiration to other seekers.’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

‘Attaining spiritual level of 61% is indeed an extraordinary event, as due to it one soul from the universe gets liberated from the cycle of life and death.’ – H. H. Dr. Charudatta Pingale, National guide, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


11. O Hindus, perform sadhana to expedite
achieving the goal of establishment of Hindu nation !

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established Hindavi swaraj under the guidance of Samarth Ramdasswami, similarly, for protecting our country and Dharma, Hindus should perform sadhana and contribute towards establishing Hindu nation under the guidance of Saints. Establishment of Hindu country is inevitable, however if Hindus perform sadhana with attitude of surrender to God or Guru and achieve spiritual progress, only then achieving the goal of establishing Hindu nation will get expedited. Today, along with 1000 seekers from Sanatan, many devout Hindus who are attached with the activities of Sanatan and readers of Sanatan’s publications are also performing sadhana and achieving spiritual progress. Keeping their ideal in mind, it is important that Hindus everywhere, who work for Hindutva, increase their spiritual strength through intense sadhana. Establishment of Hindu nation will happen only with this spiritual strength.

– (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

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