Thoughts triggered on the meaning of being able to remain detached from Maya at the spiritual level of 61% and efforts to be undertaken to progress beyond this spiritual level

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This article provides guidance on the specific efforts to be undertaken by the seekers who have attained the spiritual level of 61% for further spiritual progress. The principles of spiritual practice which are important and relevant from their perspective are given here. Rather than performing spiritual practice by one own’s mind, performing spiritual practice as per the expectation of the Guru means spiritual practice as per Gurukrupayoga, is the underlying main principle.This principle not just applies to the ones who have acquired spiritual level of 61%, it applies to seekers at all spiritual levels. Only difference is that the seekers who have attained spiritual level of 61% and more, despite having the capability, acquire additional sin if they do not perform their spiritual practice as per this principle. In short, most of the points mentioned below are applicable to everyone and hence to achieve faster spiritual progress, everyone should make an effort to follow them.


1. Spiritual level of 61% can be reached,
once spiritual emotion is awakened

While facing various obstacles in spiritual practice, once the spiritual practice gets performed with bhav (Spiritual emotion), the spiritual level of 61% becomes achievable.


2. Complete usage of wilful actions to achieve detachment from Maya

At this spiritual level, one receives blessing from God to achieve detachment from Maya. However, to ensure it happens, one should use its wilful actions completely, else the spiritual level can decline.


3. Keeping a watch and ensuring
that the time devoted to spiritual practice
is not getting spent on unnecessary activities

Up to the spiritual level of 50%, one needs to adopt multiple methods of spiritual practice. Once spiritual level of 61% is achieved, while progressing further in spirituality one must be vigilant to ensure that the time is not spent on any unnecessary activities.


4. Not performing the activities as expected
by one’s Guru and instead performing
other activities even at the level of spiritual emotion,
still constitute to being performed at emotional level

Instead of giving priority to performing seva assigned by the Guru, if one spends time in talking to someone, even in a satsang, it should be considered as unwarranted. This is because, doing an activity other than the seva assigned by the Guru, even with spiritual emotion is considered as performed at emotional level only.


5. Doing any activity other than one expected
by the Guru, even if sattvik in nature, is performed as per one’s wish

In this way if one spends time in doing any sattvik activity under spiritual practice, other than one expected by one’s Guru, then it still corresponds to seva performed as per one’s own wish.


6. It is essential to perform sadhana as per
Guru’s expectation, which is in accordance with time

Seva imparted by the Guru or expected by the Guru is in accordance with the need of prevalent time. When one devotes as much time as possible to perform such seva, then one derives benefit of performing sadhana as per God’s wish and therefore makes faster spiritual progress.


7. Whatever is essential for sadhana that alone should be our duty

Till the spiritual level of 61% is achieved, it is appropriate to consider every pending task one comes across as one’s duty, since it is the main principle behind individual spiritual practice. However, beyond the spiritual level of 61% since the seeker belongs to the society, the principle of ‘whatever is essential for spiritual practice is only the duty’ should be followed.


8. Performing any task that does not contribute
to Guru’s mission, constitutes to be performed at
emotional level even if it has an element of spiritual emotion

Discipleship is attained post spiritual level of 55%. A disciple is the one who only performs seva as expected by his Guru with utmost dedication. If one performs any seva which is not demanded by the Guru (the seva which does not contribute to Guru’s mission), then despite presence of spiritual emotion in that seva, it constitutes to have been performed at the level of emotion.


9. Beyond spiritual level of 61%, guiding
principles of time are applicable rather than that of place

Beyond spiritual level of 61%, instead of the rules of place, the rules of time, which are of much wider scale, become applicable. What it means is that, beyond the spiritual level of 61% a seeker abandons his personal life and becomes one with the time. In this perspective, since every moment is important, one should critically review if the time is not being spent on any unnecessary activities.


10. One should be able to prioritize
between the two sattvik tasks for execution

When the spiritual level of the seekers who have attained spiritual level of 61% either declines or remains steady, they feel puzzled thinking that they have not spent time in doing anything else apart from spiritual practice and still why have they not progressed spiritually? Answer to this is that they have not been able to understand and decide between the two sattvik tasks to perform the correct one.


11. If we do not focus on swiftly completing
the tasks unto Guru’s mission and provide speed to
such tasks, then we will fail in availing blessings of time

A seeker has proficiency in certain seva, however instead of performing such seva, if he performs some other seva then the outcome of his spiritual practice reduces. Another seeker has to perform that seva and since that second seeker has less proficiency in that seva, it results in delay in accomplishing Guru’s mission and thereby affecting the speed of its completion. This in turn results in us falling short on availing blessings of time. In addition, we earn sin towards society as we are voluntarily harming the Guru’s mission. If this recurs multiple times, our spiritual level gradually declines despite continuously performing spiritual practice.


12. It is important to perform specific spiritual practice
that is conducive to our spiritual progress as per the spiritual level

While progressing further from the spiritual level of 61%, it is important to check before performing any seva if it is essential for our spiritual progress to the next level, else it may create an obstacle in progressing spiritually to the next level.


13. If facing distress from negative energies while performing seva,
it is essential to give priority to spiritual healing over the seva

At times when performing the assigned seva, if one faces a lot of obstacles due to negative energies or spiritual distress, then there is no issue in changing the seva.However, such a change should be temporary. One should focus on resuming the seva as soon as possible. If the distress is very high, one should give priority to performing spiritual healing than the seva.


14. Every action must be perfect !

When progressing further from the spiritual level of 61%, every action should be done with perfection. Even when studying in the college, we have experienced that the exams become tougher at every subsequent stage. Efforts required to progress in spirituality is also similar.


15. When progressing further from
the spiritual level of 61%, the principle to keep in mind is
‘Spiritual practice is meant for taking the Guru’s mission ahead’

When progressing spiritually, the rules of spiritual practice changes at each stage. Till we achieve spiritual level of 61%, the principle depicting wilful aspect which is followed is ‘Spiritual practice that is suitable to one’s constitution’, whereas post achieving spiritual level of 61%, the guiding principle is ‘Spiritual practice for taking the Guru’s mission ahead’.

– (Sadguru) Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (18.2.2011)

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