Public celebration of Ganeshotsav (Ganesh festival)

Public celebration of Ganeshotsav (Ganesh festival) – How it should and should not be ?

We get spiritual benefit from all festivals performed in Hindu Dharma. However, only when we maintain sanctity while celebrating these festivals do we get this spiritual benefit. In this article, we will learn how we can benefit most spiritually from Shri Ganesh festival, how to take care of aspects that reduce the spiritual effectiveness of the festival.

What should be excluded from the festival ?

1. Raising funds through extortion

2. Idol in an unscientific form

A. Idol made from Plaster of Paris

B. Idol in a weird form

C. Idol huge in size

3. Malpractices related to the pandal of the festival

A. Use of inflammable substances while preparing a pandal

B. Extravagant expenditure on decoration of the Idol, illumination and illumination linked to music (dancing lights)

C. Gambling and consumption of alcohol in the pandal

4. Denigration through advertisements

For example, showing Shri Ganapati as ‘one who applies a balm’ or ‘ridinga scooter’ etc.

5. Advertisements of socially harmful products

Accepting donations from manufacturers of harmful products like cigarettes, gutkha (Mixture of chewing tobacco and crushed betel nut) etc. and encouraging society to get addicted to such products through their advertisement.

6. Organising programmes that adversely affect people

A. Loudspeakers with film songs blaring from them, Aartis of Deities on the tune of film music etc.

B. Arranging programmes like orchestra, record dance etc. that are devoid of our cultural heritage.

7. Noise pollution caused due to film songs, illumination linked to music etc.

8. Malpractices in processions

A. Slow movement of processions, causing inconvenience to the transport system

B. Forcibly applying colored powder (called gulal) to passers-by

C. Consumption of alcohol

D. Obscene dances

E. Eve-teasing

F. Loud firecrackers

G. Procession after 10 p.m.

9. Participation of ruffians

10. Domination by politicians


What should be included in the festival ?

1. Installation of Idol made as per the science of sculpture.

2. Discipline and sanctity at the venue of worship and the pandal.

3. Dedicated, service-oriented workers who understand the spiritual meaning of religious rituals as well as the Deities and who assist in the celebrations with an attitude of service unto the Absolute Truth.

4. Programme on social upliftment, protection of the Nation and awakening of Dharma .

A. Discourses

1. Discourses on spiritual topics like Dharma, sadhana, Guru, disciple etc.

2. Discourses which create awareness about corruption, castes, terrorism, regionalism etc.

3. Lectures which create awakening among people about gutkha, mava (Mixture of chewing tobacco and crushed betel nut), alcohol, AIDS etc.

4. Music and devotional songs : Programmes of folk ballads, classical music and devotional songs of Saints.

5. Plays and street plays : Based on patriotism or social problems.

6. Quiz programmes on topics related to protection of the Nation and awakening of Dharma.

B. Limited number of Ganeshotsavs

The rule of ‘One village – One Shri Ganapati’ and in cities, ‘One area – One Shri Ganapati’ should be adhered to.

Efforts of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
to prevent malpractices in festivals and celebrate them in an ideal manner

1. Exposing various malpractices

2. Putting up posters and boards on the prevention of malpractices

3. Visiting Ganeshotsav committees and guiding them on preventing malpractices

4. Writing on educative boards : In 2012, such boards were put up at 641 places during Ganeshotsav in Maharashtra and Karnataka

5. Putting up Dharmashikshan (Education on Righteousness) boards, organising exhibitions on the history of revolutionaries and the ‘FACT’ exhibition on the injustice meted out to Kashmiri Hindus : In 2012, such exhibitions were organised at 150 places during Ganeshotsav in Maharashtra, Karnataka and New Delhi

6. Requesting social organisations, Government administrative officers and the Police to take action against malpractices

7. Explaining the importance of making Idols as per the science of Idols to the sculptors

8. Arranging discourses on the subject of ‘Science underlying the worship of Shri Ganapati and observance of Ganeshotsav in an ideal manner’

9. Distributing Sanatan’s VCDs ‘Ganeshotsav : The reality today and Ideal’, ‘Shri Ganesh Samagra Darshan (Shastriya Dnyan)’ and ‘Harmful effects of firecrackers’ : In 2012, a VCD on ‘How to observe Ganeshotsav in a scientific manner’ was telecast during Ganeshotsav through 51 cable operators throughout Bharat. Over 35,19,000 viewers benefitted from it.

10. Presenting educative skits on the subject

11. Giving interviews or participating in discussions on the radio

12. Organising Quiz contests for students on protection of the Nation and awakening of Dharma

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ’Shri Ganapati’