Important pressure-points on the body

This article explains the important pressure-points on the body which can be pressed regularly to cure various diseases. These points are on shoulders, forearms, palms, legs and upper feet.


1. Points on the shoulders

As shown in figure below, these points are located mid-way on both the shoulders. Press each point with the fingers of the opposite hand. Pressing these points regularly alleviates problems due to hereditary disorders. These points are also effective for disorders of the thyroid gland and disorders in region from the head to the shoulders. Regularly pressing these points also helps in correcting calcium deficiency. This point is also beneficial in the following cases – headache, back pain, earache, hair fall, greying of hair, kidney stones, sciatica (extreme pain in the legs due to pressure on the veins in the legs), etc. In short, these points provide relief in a number of ailments. This point must be accurately located before applying pressure.



2. Points on the forearms

As shown in figure below, press the forearm from the elbow to the palm twice a day for 2 minutes each in the morning and evening. While the hand is being pressed, open-close the fist of that hand. This therapy helps burn excess fat in the body. It also reduces back pain and eases out the neck. The fingers and fist become stronger. Ailments such as a tennis-elbow, spondylosis, etc. can be prevented.



3. Points on the palms

As shown in figure below, the ‘V’-shaped gap between the thumb and index finger on the palm has pressure-points which are beneficial in treating over 37 ailments. (In the figure, the gap has been highlighted). This gap must be pressed from all the sides.

accupressure_palm2                   accupressure_palm3



4. Points on the legs

As shown in figure below, apply pressure to the legs below the knees twice a day for 2 minutes each in the morning and evening. It helps burn the excess fat in the body and improves the blood circulation.

It also provides relief in sciatica and alleviates leg pain and back pain.



5. Points on the upper feet

Just as the ‘V’-shaped gap between the thumb and the index finger is beneficial in treating a number of ailments, the corresponding region between the big toe and the second toe is also equally important. Press this region with the fingers as shown in figure below. Pressing this region everyday helps prevent cold, cough, ailments associated with tonsils and the throat. Pressing the region between the second and third toe is beneficial during infection. Pressing the region between the third and the fourth toe helps in ailments of the eyes. Pressing the region between the fourth and the fifth toe helps in ailments of ears.



6. Daily therapeutic treatment for a healthy life

A. Points from Reflexology to be pressed regularly

Figure below shows five regions on the soles, each two fingers wide. Press all the five regions regularly with a roller or the Magic square twice a day for 2 minutes each. If these regions are pressed from the toes to heels, the body gets purified regularly and helps maintain good health. How to press every region on the Magic square is shown sequentially in figures. Additionally, press the fingers and toes and the webs between the fingers regularly.

accupressure_feet                accupressure_feet2              accupressure_feet3


accupressure_feet4           accupressure_feet5                accupressure_feet6

B. Points on the body to be pressed regularly

  •  Point on the shoulder
  •  Forearms and wrists
  •  Points on the palms
  •  Legs, below the knees as well as the ankles

C. Some other remedies for a healthy life

  • Sleep for at least 6 hours every day.
  • After brushing your teeth in the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with 5-10 drops of lemon juice. This cleanses the body from within.
  • Have a heavy breakfast.
  • Have a light lunch and dinner and similarly, eat light snacks in the evening.
  • Avoid eating more processed food items.
  • Include a green leafy vegetable in your meals.
  • Include salads with carrot, cabbage, beetroot, cucumber and onion in the meals.
  • Drink one glass of water half-an-hour before meals. If the meal is dry, drink one glass of water after the meal; however, if the meal includes liquid ingredients such as buttermilk, buttermilk kaḍi or sol-kaḍhi (Bharatiya items), do not drink water immediately after meals. After about one and a half hour, drink two glasses of water.
  • After meals drink buttermilk, buttermilk kaḍi or sol-kaḍhi. These help in digestion.
Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text – “Reflexology (Acupressure points on the hands and feet)”

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