Aspects to be considered before attempting Acupressure treatment

This article explains various aspects to be considered before commencing Acupressure treatment.


1. Who can be treated with Acupressure?

Age is no bar for Acupressure treatment. Anyone, from a toddler to the aged can be treated. The recovery is quick in children; whereas, in elders it can take slightly longer.


2. Duration and frequency of the treatment

Acupressure treatment should be administered regularly till the patient is cured.Continuing the treatment even after getting cured helps in remaining healthy. Ideally, the treatment should be administered twice a day, morning and evening or upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. In an emergency, this treatment can be administered at any time, even after meals. There is no restriction of time for Acupressure treatment.


3. How and how much
pressure to apply during the treatment?

Press a point for a second, release and repeat. Apply sustainable pressure. Gradually, as the tolerance level of the patient increases, increase the pressure.


4. For how long should a point be pressed?

If an area is very painful, apply pressure for 2 minutes (120 counts) and for normal area, 10 seconds (10 counts) are enough. In a few days, as the condition improves, the pain will subside. Keep reducing the duration accordingly.


5. What precautions should be
taken when using Acupressure instruments?

Acupressure instruments are best used on the palms and soles only. Do not use the spiked instruments on other parts of the body, since the spikes are likely to harm the tender skin.


6. Importance of chanting
God’s Namewhile performing Acupressure

Distressing energy is emitted by the fingers of people who have severe distress due to negative energies. When Acupressure therapy is performed with these fingers, the distressing energy is transmitted into the body. In Kaliyug(Era of strife) today, the attacks of negative energies have increased to such an extent that almost every individual suffers from mild to severe distress. Hence, everyone should perform Acupressure therapy while chanting God’s Name. When this is done, the therapy is more effective.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text – “Reflexology(Acupressure points on the hands and feet)”

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