‘H.H. Rambhau Swami, only one of His kind !’ – Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

I have not conducted a subtle-analysis for the past 15 years. I did not understand why I felt like carrying out one on 15.1.2016 during the Yadnya; it took place automatically. H.H. Swamiji belongs to the lineage of Samartha Ramdas Swami. The Bhavgits (Songs sung with full bhav) of Shriram, which were brought by Him were played during the Yadnya. This also assisted in creating an appropriate environment.


 1. Personal experiences and spiritual experiences

A. I was feeling enthusiastic since the morning on the Yadnya day.

B. The smoke emitting from the Yadnya does not cause distress as normal smoke would. Only heat is felt on the skin and eyes. The extent of heat was much less during the period of the Yadnya.

C. When H.H. Swamiji sat in the Yadnyakund or lay in it, I was 10 feet away. I could not bear the heat; however, He did not feel anything.

D. My bhav awakened when I saw H.H. Swamiji in the fire.

E. When I looked at the smoke, I perceived as if I was also travelling upwards by becoming as light as the smoke

F. Finally, I felt ‘There is nothing there except Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle)’. I became thoughtless and felt like going into a meditative state.


2.Subtle-analysis conducted before the Yadnya fire was lit

A. I saw smoke in the Yadnyakund and beside it

B. The size of the Yadnyakund is getting bigger


3. Subtle analysis conducted after the Yadnya fire was lit

The taraktej (Saviour radiance) from the Yadnya fire is going towards the Saptalok (Seven higher cosmic regions) and maraktej (Destroyer radiance) is moving towards Patal (Hell region). Demons are being burnt in the fire due to the maraktej. As a result, it is perceived that the environment till the 5th level of Patal has been purified.


4. Subtle-analysis of the Yadnya smoke

A. This smoke is like a cloud – pure white and sattvik

B. The smoke is spreading throughout the universe


5. Characteristics of H.H. Swamiji
realised in the gross, when He sat in the Yadnyakund

A. Even after sitting in Yadnyakund, His face was serene

B. He did not let His attention waver while sitting in the Yadnyakund

C. Our eyes cannot tolerate even a little of smoke. H.H. Swamiji sits continuously for one-and-a-half to two hours at a stretch; yet He does not feel any distress.

D. H.H. Swamiji’s eyes & face appeared as if He was in a meditative state. However, He was performing actions like offering oblations of wooden pieces, durva (A fragrant grass used in the ritualistic worship of Shri Ganapati) in the Yadnya fire in a normal manner.

E. H.H. Swamiji offered oblations of material like pieces of wood needed to keep the fire burning by soaking it in ghee. Thus, His hands were fully soaked in ghee. He lies down in the fire. He lies down in the fire with His dhoti also soaked in ghee. Yet, He is unaffected.

F. It is difficult to sit on the roughly cut pieces of wood. It is impossible to sit in a Yadnyakund surrounded by the smoke and 5-6 feet high flames. However, H.H. Swamiji turns the impossible into possible !

G. The smoke and flames increase or reduce in size and change their direction with the movement of His hands.

H. If the fire was smouldering at the time of sitting in the Yadnyakund, he would generate flames with the movement of His hands. If the flames still did not appear, He would even use an electric fan.


6. Subtle-analysis of H.H. Swamiji at the time of the Yadnya

A. White aura is observed around H.H. Swamiji’s body

B. His body appears to be glowing more than the flames

C. Only light appears in His place, He cannot be seen

D. H.H. Swamiji possesses more of the Absolute Fire Principle than the fire. Therefore, the fire cannot touch Him or His clothes.
– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

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