Vibrations emitted by non-vegetarian burger, cake made from eggs and lentil-rice

Study through scientific instruments Photograph
of auras observed during the testing with ‘PIP’ technology

Mankind has been advised to abide by Achardharma (Code of righteous conduct). Man benefits from sattvikta (Purity) when he abides by Dharma, and the influence of Raja-Tama (Activity and ignorance) components on him reduces. The conducts to be followed include daily routine, consumption of meals, wearing of clothes and ornaments etc. People do not abide by Achardharma in Kaliyug.

Consumption of meals is also no exception. Here, we are going to see the effect of a non-vegetarian burger, cake made from eggs and lentil-rice. From this we will realise the importance of Achar on consumption of meals.

1. It is always beneficial to eat sattvik and fresh food items such as lentil-rice

Since non-vegetarian burger and cake made from eggs are non-vegetarian dishes and enhance Tama component, it is advisable to avoid their consumption. If the diet is Tama-predominant, the individual becomes immoral, losing his equilibrium of mind and intellect due to generation of Tama-predominant thoughts. In contrast, lentil-rice is a vegetarian dish. The individual becomes Sattva-predominant due to consumption of vegetarian food. He progresses spiritually by imbibing the Sattva component in it; therefore, to eat Sattva-predominant food, which nourishes human life, amounts to abiding by Dharma.

Burgers, cakes etc. are constituents of modern diet. Such a diet satisfies only the taste. This is called ‘fast food’. Such food is synthetic and processed stale food. Since such food is difficult to digest, the digestion system is thrown out of order, obesity increases, and life may even shorten. Since such food lacks nourishing ingredients, it is not good for the health of the body. Hence, it is also called ‘junk food’. Therefore, it is always beneficial to eat sattvik and fresh food items such as lentil-rice instead of fast foods such as non-vegetarian burgers and cakes made from eggs.

2. Purpose of conducting scientific research

To understand the percentage of positive vibrations in an object/article, if the object/article is sattvik or not or if the object/article is spiritually useful or not, knowledge of the subtle dimension is necessary. Since Saints understand the subtle dimension, they can accurately assess the vibrations in any object/article. Seekers take the word of Saints as the Absolute Truth and have faith in them.

However, rationalists need direct proof and not some ‘word of spiritual authority’. They take any aspect to be true only if it is proved scientifically with the help of some equipment or machine.

Tests were conducted through ‘RFI’ (Resonant Field Imaging) and ‘PIP’ (Polycontrast Interference Photography) technology on non-vegetarian burger, cake made from eggs and lentil-rice to scientifically verify the nature of vibrations emitting from them. Observations and interpretations are given ahead. Sanatan Sanstha is making these scientific efforts to impart education on Dharma to mankind.

3. Introduction to RFI and PIP

With the help of ‘RFI’ reading equipment, universal energy in the environment can be measured. With the help of ‘PIP’ technology, we can understand the momentum of vibrations around an object and can see the colour aura around it. By connecting computerised PIP equipment to a video camera, circles of energy associated with the objects, buildings or individuals can be observed through filters in the PIP equipment. This equipment separates the colours and has facilities to observe positive and negative colours as per their concentration. Given ahead is what various colours signify as per ‘PIP’ technology.




4. Observations and their description

Please see Table B alongside.
Please see Table B alongside.

Please see Table B alongside.


What does it signify ?


What does it signify ?

1. Orange

Negative in the environment

7. Parrot-green

Healing effect at the subtle level

2. Saffron

Emotional Tension

8. Sky blue

Sattvikta or Shanti

3. Ash

Functional Distress

9. Yellow

Chaitanya or Knowledge

4. Pink

Rajasikta (Activeness)

10. Violet

Vibrations of superior level of shanti

5. Dark Green

Healing effect at the gross level

11. White

Purity & piety

6. Green



Note to Table B – In this test, we record the changes in the environment caused by the presence of any object; but since the environment changes constantly, recording it under which the object is to be placed (known as the ‘Basic record’) has to be taken before the testing. Hence, while testing the non-vegetarian burger, cake made from eggs and lentil-rice, an empty plate was placed on a table and observations noted; then the object was placed in the plate and observations noted again.

From these observations, it is realised that non-vegetarian burger and cake made from eggs imbibes negative and distressing vibrations from the environment and destroy the sattvikta of the environment. In contrast, lentil-rice attracts vibrations of positivity and sattvikta and increases sattvikta of the environment.

– Mr. Santosh Joshi [Researcher of Universal Energy, Sarvashram Universal Spiritual Energy Research Centre, Dombivli, Maharashtra] made these observations on 3.2.2014

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