H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s shoes emitting vibrations – Study through scientific instruments

1. Since Sattva component in the articles used
by Saints increases, articles undergo positive changes

H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s shoes
H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s shoes

In an average individual, the proportion of Sattva, Raja and Tama components is 20:30:50; whereas, this proportion in one who attains sainthood is 75:20:5. This shows that for one who attains sainthood, the Sattva component increases greatly, and the Tama reduces a lot.

Performing sadhana means making efforts for God realisation, which in turn means efforts to become one with God by imbibing Divine attributes.

Attaining sainthood means attaining a stage on a spiritual journey to unite with God. As a result, some extent of Godliness gets imbibed by the body; and hence, the articles used by Saints and touched by them become Sattva-predominant and undergo positive changes. This is why, these articles are traditionally preserved as invaluable treasures.

2. Purpose of conducting scientific tests

To understand the percentage of positive vibrations in an object, if the object is sattvik or not or if the object is spiritually useful or not, knowledge of the subtle dimension is necessary.

Since Saints understand the subtle dimension, they can accurately assess the vibrations in any object. The seekers take the word of Saints as the Absolute Truth and have faith in them.

However, rationalists need direct proof and not a ‘word of spiritual authority’. They take any aspect to be true only if it is proved scientifically with the help of some equipment or machine.

Tests were conducted through ‘RFI’ (Resonant Field Imaging) and ‘PIP’ (Polycontrast Interference Photography) technology on the shoes used by H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj to scientifically verify the nature of vibrations emitting from them. Observations & interpretations are given ahead.

3. Introduction to ‘RFI’ and ‘PIP’

With the help of ‘RFI’ reading equipment, universal energy in the environment can be measured. With the help of ‘PIP’ technology, we can understand the momentum of vibrations around an object and can also see the colour aura around it.

By connecting computerised PIP equipment to a video camera, the circles of energy associated with the articles, buildings or individuals can be observed through filters in the PIP equipment.

This equipment separates the colours and has facilities to observe positive and negative colours as per their concentration. As per the ‘PIP’ technology, orange and violet represent vibrations of tension or distress respectively. Pink denotes Raja-predominance. Green signifies positive energy associated with spiritual remedies; blue denotes sattvikta or Anand (Bliss). Yellow with a golden tinge signifies high level of universal vibrations.

4. Observations and their interpretation

A. ‘RFI’ reading and its interpretation

When the shoes used by H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj were kept for testing, RFI vibration reading in the surrounding environment was 134.2 MHz. The colour of this vibration reading was yellow. This colour denotes stability, bestows Anand (Bliss) and knowledge.

B. Description of aura through ‘PIP’ technology and its interpretation

As observed in the test, although the shoes used by H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj were black in colour, positive blue is noticed on them. Red is also observed on some portions, However, red surrounding the shoes is seen fading gradually and sky-blue is seen replacing it. Positive green and sky-blue, denoting spiritual remedies, is noticed surrounding the shoes.

This proves that although the shoes are basically Raja-Tama predominant, sattvik vibrations can be noticed in the shoes used by Saints. This is why, the padukas (Wooden slippers) used by Saints are valued so much.

(Mr. Santosh Joshi [Researcher of Universal Energy, Sarvashram Universal Spiritual Energy Research Centre, Dombivli] made these observations in April 2012.)

Appeal to Scientists

Sanatan’s seekers have been experiencing various inexplicable good and bad events in their spiritual journey over the past 12-15 years. Sanatan Sanstha has been conducting research on these events. The underlying spiritual reasons of the events can be enumerated by Saints; however, the help of scientists will be valuable to understand the scientific reasons. We will be grateful if scientists come forward and help in researching these events from the scientific perspective.

(Contact : H.H. Dr. Mukul Gadgil; E-mail : [email protected])

Please Note

The above matter is not written to prevent scientific temperament under Article 51A of the Constitution. It has been written with the intention of using the constitutional rights to study Spirituality and to educate people to abide by Dharma in daily life.

Since religion and faith are personal matters, experiences narrated too are personal; they may not be applicable to everyone. It is not written to spread superstition or oppose medical treatment or scientific temperament. Readers should study it using their own discretion and judgement. – Editor

Who is truly progressive ?

Those who label Spirituality a sham without testing it scientifically or Sanatan Sanstha, which presents Spirituality in a scientific language !

Source : English Sanatan Prabhat

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