Temples are centres to practice Dharma, not freedom of expression ! – Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav, Dharmapracharak, Sanatan Sanstha

Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav dharmapracharak of Sanatan Sanstha was guiding the audience about ‘Implementation of dress codes in Temples’ during the session on ‘Ideal Administration of Temples’ in 10th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan conducted by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti.

At present, self-proclaimed progressive folk who are atheists anyway and those with no faith in Hindu Deities are protesting against dress codes in temples. Their claim is that it infringes their freedom of expression. Going to temples in rags or in unconventional attire cannot be ‘freedom of expression’. Everyone has the freedom to choose what to wear in their home and in public; But the temple is a place of worship. One’s individual conduct must be according to Dharma there. Here, it is not the individual freedom but the practice of Dharma that is important”, said Sanatan’s Saint Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav.

Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav further said,

1. The Tamil Nadu High Court has also directed that a dress code be implemented in temples from January 1, 2016, recognizing that ‘one should wear sattvik attire to enter temples there’. Accordingly, devotees are required to wear only traditional Indian attire.

2. Shri Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain, Shri Ghrishneshwar temple in Maharashtra, Shri Kashi-Vishweshwar temple in Varanasi which are among the auspicious 12 Jyotirlings, the Shri Tirupati Balaji temple in Andhra Pradesh, the famous Shri Padmanabhasvi temple in Kerala, Shri Mata mandir in Kanyakumari have all enforced a sattvik dress code on the visiting devotees.

3. We also appeal to all temples in India to give priority to the practice of Dharma in temples by applying a Vastra Samhita (dress code).

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