Participation of over 2 thousand local Hindus in Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshans in 36 districts of 9 states! – Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

While traveling across India, we organized district-level ‘Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshans’. This year, after the covid19 pandemic, ‘Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshans’ were organized in 36 districts of 9 states of the country. As many as 2,100 local devout Hindus participated in the Adhiveshans. The idea of establishing the Hindu Rashtra was conveyed to spiritual, cultural, educational, and swadeshi institutions in all the states. Then, these organizations organized lectures on the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra. Now, people are growing aware of Hindutva. Apart from social media, even national media has started debating the topic of Hindutva. Since some of the Hindu leaders in North Indian states have started speaking up on behalf of Hindutva and implementing pro-Hindu laws, the perception that the dawn of Hindu Rashtra is nigh is gaining ground.

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