Radiant Thoughts of Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale on the Hindu Rashtra

Hindu Rashtra will not only benefit
human beings but every part of this creation !
– H.H. Nilesh Singbal, Dharmapracharak Sant, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

H.H. Nilesh Singbal

Dharma is also important for worldly development. Unfortunately, worldly progress is considered to be the only real development. When someone encounters an adverse situation, they tend to lose their mental balance. The eradication of the Arishadvarga/Shadripu (the six foes of the mind) has no importance in worldly progress. Lanka, which belonged to Ravana who abducted Sita, was also a ‘smart city’; But the denizens were all rakshasas. We want Ramrajya. We want development that makes people righteous. Dharma is the essence of the nation. Without the Atma, the body is dead. Similarly, without Dharma, the nation is dead. For this, a Dharmadhishtit Hindu Rashtra is required.

Lokmanya Tilak and Swatantryaveer Savarkar propounded the concept of Hindu Rashtra based on land and culture. Vishwa Hindu Parishad has propounded a concept of Hindu Rashtra based on a collective consciousness. The interpretation of Hindu Dharma given in the holy text ‘Merutantra’ is on a spiritual level. A Hindu is one, who destroys inferior thoughts, and enhances his virtues. Some people believe that ‘Hindu Rashtra will be established through parliamentary means’; but those who are enticed by power cannot do the work of nation-building. Politics and nation-building are two different tasks. The Sattvik person does not think of only his uplift, he thinks of universal welfare. Our Sages are examples of this. Only a person who thinks of universal welfare can establish the Hindu Rashtra. H.H Nilesh Singbal shared these thoughts when speaking about the ‘Radiant Thoughts of Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale on the Hindu Rashtra’.

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