We can fight hedonism and materialism if we teach the advanced ancient Hindu culture ! – Prof. Dr Manoj Kamat, Principal, Sri Mallikarjun College, Cancona, Goa

Prof. Dr Manoj Kamat

Money and material happiness can be gained from the present education. After teaching advanced ancient Hindu culture, we can fight hedonism and materialism. The present curriculum is failing to develop all-round students. Due to this, a Sanatan syllabus was developed in my college under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha. Through this course, the teachings and methods of Sanatan values have been introduced to the students. Apart from this, the students have been given information on many subjects like ‘Spirituality and Spiritual practice’, ‘conduct according to culture’, ‘Salient features of Indian culture’, ‘Personality defect removal and personality development’, said Dr Manoj Kamat. He was speaking on the topic ‘Efforts to impart education based on Indian culture in educational institutions today’.

Dr Kamat further said that we have become advanced in 75 years; But did not develop. It is unfortunate that we have not saved our culture by taking Dharma education. We graduated, but we have not been able to awaken consciousness in ourselves. As a result, our education system has failed. Our education has failed. Hindus send their own children to be educated in missionary schools. Sanskrit is taught in universities in Germany; However, Indian universities have forsaken Sanskrit for German. Does the current education system adhere to the education of Hindu Rashtra? With this in mind, we need to create a new education system based on what we want. So that children will be taught their culture and patriotism. Education is being imparted mechanically by destroying the culture. This only creates workers, not thinkers.

Changes in students after visiting Sanatan Ashram!

‘I brought some students from my college to visit Sanatan Ashram. The students were overwhelmed to see the management and spiritual information in the Sanatan Ashram. There was a change in the thinking of the students. They went to the library and started reading spiritual texts. An online certificate course on Indian culture, spirituality, ethics, and nation-building has been started for the students.

– Prof. Dr Manoj Kamat, Principal, Sri Mallikarjun College, Cancona, Goa.

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