Mr Laxman Gore becomes the 114th (Vyashti) Saint of Sanatan Sanstha

H.H. Laxman Gore

Ramnathi (Ponda) – Shri-satshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal announced that Mr Laxman Gore (Age 80), who has tremendous love for the Nation & Dharma and immense faith in Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale has become the 114th (Vyashti) Saint of Sanatan. He made sincere efforts to bring about changes in Himself. He has intense spiritual emotion and simple disposition, hence, He developed closeness with all.

Sanatan’s Sadguru Mukul Gadgil garlanded Him and offered a gift. H.H. Gore’s wife Vaidya (Mrs) Mangala Gore (Age 72), daughter Mrs Gauri Vaibhav Aphale, son-in-law Mr Vaibhav Aphale and granddaughter Ms Yogini Aphale were present at the ceremony.


H.H. Laxman Gore is an altruist,
service-minded, and remains in the state of constant gratitude

H.H. Laxman Gore, originally from Talegaon Dabhade (Pune), used to work for the protection of the Nation and the awakening of Dharma through a well-known Hindu organisation. He has been living a renounced life ever since. Later, by God’s grace, He left that organisation and devoted Himself to Sanatan.

After starting sadhana under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha, He started doing seva in the Ashram with an attitude that anything coming His way is His duty. He devotedly served Partpar Guru Pande Maharaj at Devad Ashram. He is an introvert, has brought about a radical change in Himself, working hard to eradicate personality defects. When His family asked Him to leave Maharashtra and migrate to Goa, He accepted without any hesitation.

He has had 3 heart surgeries. Even though He was sick, He remained steadfast with His faith in God. He is doing seva despite physical hardships at this age – this is His speciality. He looks at life events with a spectator’s stance; He is constantly in gratitude state.

His wife, daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter are performing sadhana under the guidance of Sanatan. He also encouraged His other daughter, son-in-law and grandson to start on full-time sadhana, and they are helping Him in every possible way.

His life is a living example of how to lead a life of sacrifice and devotion. His spiritual progress is rapid. In 2018, He reached the spiritual level of 61%. In July 2021, His spiritual level was 63%. Due to many virtues such as innocence, zeal to serve, gratitude, etc., His spiritual level has increased by 8% in just 4 months and He has become the 114th (Vyashti) Saint by reaching the spiritual level of 71%. Such rapid progress in such a short time is a happy moment and should be etched in the history of Sanatan. His wife is also making rapid spiritual progress. I am certain that His further spiritual progress will be at a similar pace.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (5.12.2021)

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