H.H. (Mrs.) Sarita Palande from Pune, who performed satseva with yearning, becomes Sanatan’s 108th Saint!

H.H. (Mrs.) Sarita Palande

Mrs. Sarita Arun Palande (Age 76) renounced her body on 31st May 2021 while suffering from cancer and cardiac arrest. She had firm faith in God and performed spiritual practice by accepting any situation.

A ‘spiritual mother’ to all seekers

Mrs. Palande has been doing sadhana for the last 24 years. Since She had assimilated every teaching in spiritual practice, it can be said that She was actually living a spiritual life. She imparted dharmik sanskars to Her entire family.

She did Her best to fulfill the purpose of human birth and imprinted its importance on every person She came in contact with.

Due to Her learning attitude, at the age of 55, Palande kaku learned to drive a four-wheeler like van and started driving four-wheeler. This is highly commendable.

She would perform satseva wholeheartedly and happily. The qualities of love, caring for others and helping others made Her a ‘spiritual mother’ of all seekers.

‘All events / situations in life should be accepted because it is happening according to our destiny’, She accepted this principle herself and also told others. She was diagnosed with cancer, a few months ago. She looked at this illness with the belief that ‘illness is a part of ending destiny’. It shows her faith in God. She was in bliss even after having a surgery. Her body-awareness was minimum due to her blissful state. She practiced what Sant Bhaktaraj Maharaj had said – ‘Leave the body upto destiny, connect your subconsciousness with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness)’.

Her virtues such as obedience, being in learning state and the attitude of accepting any situation led to her rapid spiritual progress. At the time of Gurupournima in 2020, her spiritual level was 68%. She died on 31.5.2021 due to a heart attack while suffering from a chronic illness like cancer. Because she constantly remained in communion with God and spiritual emotion of gratitude, She continued to progress spiritually despite her illness. She reached the spiritual level of 71% and became Sanatan’s 108th Samashti Saint. I am certain that she will continue to progress fast spiritually.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

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