Sanatan Sanstha never purchased any property from Dawood ! – Sanatan Sanstha

A very low level politics is going on in the Mumbai Drug Case. Today, Nawab Malik, in order to save himself from allegations, has used the name of Sanatan Sanstha without finding the facts. None of Dawood’s properties were ever bought by Sanatan Sanstha. According to news that was published in dailies in Ratnagiri, an advocate from Delhi named Ajay Srivastava had purchased it. He had announced that a gurukul with the name ‘Sanatan Dharma Pathshala’ will be opened for educating children. Sanatan Sanstha has no connection either with this property or its buyer.

Therefore, Nawab Malik, is making a laughing stock of himself, by making such false allegations on Sanatan Sanstha. The evil intent he has behind spreading rumors about Hindu organizations in the society by linking Sanatan Sanstha and Dawood is very clear from this. We expect Maharashtra government to intervene in this matter and publish the truth.

Nawab Malik took the name of Sanatan Sanstha to sidestep the allegations on him raised by the opposition Leader, Hon. Devendra Fadnavis. A well known fact is that Nawab Malik himself has been accused of buying land from terrorists; while the land belonging to Dawood was confiscated and auctioned by Central Government. Adv. Srivastava also did not buy it from Dawood directly but bought it in the government auction. By making such false allegations Nawab Malik is trying to cover up his own dark side. We state clearly that if such attempts of spreading false information about Sanatan Sanstha continue, we will be forced to take necessary legal action.

– Mr. Chetan Rajhans, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha.

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