The decision to sell wines in super markets and grocery stores is a disgrace to the culture of Maharashtra

Withdraw the anti-social and anti-Dharma decision immediately : Demands Sanatan Sanstha

Shri. Chetan Rajhans

The Maharashtra Government has recently made a decision that Super Markets and grocery stores can sell wines. Sanatan Sanstha publicly protests against this anti-social decision.

The Government will incur sin if the land sanctified by hundreds of Saints like Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, and purified by the power of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj and thousands of Mavalas (Soldiers) is called as the ‘Land of alcoholics’. Sanatan Sanstha has demanded that this decision, which is a blot on the culture of Maharashtra, should be withdrawn immediately.

The youth of Punjab have become drug addicts. ‘Udata Punjab’ film was based on this. In view of this fact, Maharashtra should be aware and in fact the government should take steps to make the state ‘alcohol free’ and ‘addiction free’. Here, however, you are encouraging alcohol by making wine readily available.

Already women and children in the state are suffering from the abuse of alcoholic husbands and fathers. As a result of this decision, the atrocities will escalate and the government will have to bear the sin.

In many scriptures like Atharva Ved, Mahabharat, Manusmriti etc., drinking alcohol is said to be a great sin. Encouraging to drink would also incur great sin. Therefore, the government should immediately cancel this anti-social and anti-religious decision to sell wine in super markets and grocery stores, demands Sanatan Sanstha.

– Chetan Rajhans, National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha,

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