Activities to be undertaken daily to maintain God’s grace and to build a protective shield around oneself

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1. Performing ritualistic worship daily
to protect one’s house by obtaining God’s grace

By daily performing ritualistic worship of Deities, our sattvikta increases, centre of devotion gets created in our mind, we obtain God’s grace and the ambience in our house turns pleasant and sattvik. One who worships God daily with devotion, he becomes dearer to God. Being beloved of God, the worshipper and his house are charged with sattvik frequencies and gets protected in case of emergency. (Holy texts published by Sanatan explaining science behind the ritualistic worship are available).


2. Lamp should be lit in front of Deities and Tulas
and obeisance should be paid to the lamp as well as Deities

A. The period of 48 minutes before sunrise and after sunset is called as ‘transient’ period. Since this transient period is conducive to arrival of negative energies, sesame oil lamp is lit in front of Deities and the plant of Tulas in one’s house to obtain protection from the negative energies during this period.

B. If it is not possible to take bath and then lit lamp during the transient period before sunrise, then the lamp can be lit without taking bath as well. If this is also not possible then one can lit lamp after the sunrise. One should light a lamp during transient period after sunset as well. (In fact, lit lamp should be kept for 24 hours in front of the Deities).

C. In Holy text Gurucharitra, it has been mentioned that, ‘One can make use of sesame oil for sacrificial fires if ghee (Clarified butter) is not available’. For lighting lamp, groundnut oil can be used if ghee or sesame oil is not available.

D. By lighting a lamp in front of Deities and the plant of Tulas, and paying obeisance, a protective sheath of sattvik frequencies of Deities get created around the house. Thereby, the family members residing in the house receive protection from negative energies. The protective sheath of God’s grace helps rendering protection to the house from other disasters as well.


3. Reciting shlokas and holy verses
providing good health and protective sheath

A. After lighting lamp in front of the Deities in the evening, the elders in the house should sit along with younger ones and recite shlokas, holy verses and Shubhankaroti.

As per the benefits mentioned in the stotras, recitation of stotras of Deities imparts us protection from the adversities. The house gets spiritually purified with the help of the sattvik vibrations created by recitation of stotras. For availing this benefit, one must daily recite Ramaraksha stotra, Maruti stotra, Devi kavach etc of Deities of worship with faith and devotion.

B. Before going to sleep at the night, one should place the Deity’s stattvik Name strips around one’s bed and pray to the Deity for imparting protection.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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