Freely available but Invaluable Ayurvedic medicines : Flowers of the bombax tree and maize silk

Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar


Flowers of the bombax tree


1. Introduction

These leafless trees with red flowers and thick thorns are quite common during the months of February and March. These are called the Bombax trees (Photos 1 and 3). One finds several flowers shed on the ground during this period. Cattle relish these flowers. After some days these trees produce some pods which yield cotton. This cotton has a cooling effect and is used to make pillows, mattresses etc.

A bombax tree

1.A. Medicinal properties of the bombax flowers

Mr Arvind Joshi of Pune is a keen student of various Indian methods of healing. Due to his inquisitive nature he has studied the medicinal properties of this flower. He can cite several examples of those who have benefitted from these herbal remedies. I happened to come across his article about these flowers and I referred this medicine to many patients who benefitted from it. I feel grateful to him for having conducted this research.

Use the bombax flowers in the following manner. Collect only those flowers which have fallen onto clean ground. Without washing them, dry them in the sun. Then grind them in the mixer to a fine powder. Everyday consume 1 teaspoon of this powder, on an empty stomach, in the morning and evening, for 3 months. These flowers are available for only about a month. Hence take care to collect and store as many flowers as you will require. People have experienced that regular intake of this powder helps in decreasing joint and bone pain. So this powder is extremely useful in osteoarthritis, knee-joint pain, pain in knees when descending stairs, pain or swelling of ankles, pain in shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, hip etc.


2. Maize silk

Maize cobs (corn cobs) are easily available everywhere during the winter season. A senior and reputed Vaidya from Delhi, Subhash Sharma uses the silk on the maize cob liberally for treatment of diseases of the urinary system.  I am very grateful to him for being able to learn the speciality of the Maize silk from him.

Maize silk is an excellent medicine for benign enlargement of the prostate gland. It also helps in expulsion of renal stones. It is useful in conditions such as burning sensation while urinating, burning in throat and chest, slowing in stream of urination, urgency of urination, difficulty in starting urination, passage of turbid and foul-smelling urine.

How to use the maize silk? Instead of discarding the silk from the maize cobs wash it and dry it in the sun. Take an amount which a tight fist can hold (this is called antarnakhamushti praman – when the fingernails touch the palm). Add 2 small bowls of water to it and boil, reducing it to one bowl. Filter and consume on an empty stomach in the morning. To the residue once again add 2 bowls of water and reduce to 1 bowl and drink in the evening.  Discard the residue. Continue this for a period of 1 month at the very maximum. If you wish to continue beyond a month seek the advice of a Vaidya.

–Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar, Sanatan ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (13.2.2021)

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