Medicinal properties of garlic

‘Garlic plays a major role among the condiments which flavour food. Garlic is used to facilitate digestion. Its roots are pungent, its leaves bitter, its stem salty, its stalk acrid and its seeds sweet. Only sourness out of the six flavours is missing in it.


1. In whom is garlic contraindicated?

A. Garlic being hot and pungent (strong or distinct) should not be consumed by those with problems of pitta (bile).

B. It is contraindicated in pregnant women.

C. It is also prohibited in those with the problem of bleeding through the nose or mouth.


2. Medicinal uses of garlic

2 A. Laryngitis (hoarseness of voice)

Flakes of garlic fried in pure ghee improve hoarseness of voice.

2 B. Cough

In rural areas children suffering from cough are made to wear a necklace made from flakes of garlic.

2 C. Breathlessness

Chewing a flake of garlic decreases breathlessness.

 2 D. Hiccups

Once when I had hiccups after a meal only after I chewed about 4 flakes of garlic, drank a sip of water and followed it by 2 teaspoons of sugar, did it stop.

2 E. Tuberculosis

Placing 10 to 20 fresh flakes of garlic next to the pillow every day destroys tuberculosis bacilli.

2 F. Indigestion

A 70 year old man from Konkan region would get bloating of stomach after eating rice, for about 2 years. Though he felt relieved after some remedies, it was temporary relief. He had been advised by an allopathic physician to ‘stop eating rice’. But he could not do it. So, I advised him to eat rice cooked with few flakes of garlic fried in pure ghee for a few days, after which he felt better. Garlic flakes fried in pure ghee alone help indigestion but should not be used for long

2 G. Worms

Young children with problem of worms should be asked to chew flakes of garlic. Due to the pungent nature they find it difficult to eat, so soak them in curd throughout the day, then peel the flakes, fry them in pure ghee till brown and given to the child as per age. This increases appetite and decreases the problem of worms.

2 H. Illnesses in women

Beauty, strength and life of women who eat garlic every day grows. They also do not suffer from uterine problems. However, consumption of garlic should not be in excess.

2 I. Cramps

Mix half a steel bowl (vati) of grated garlic flakes with 1 litre of mustard oil and 2 litres of whey (whey is the remnant after using curd to make shrikhand) and cook on a low flame till only oil remains. Massage lightly over the affected part.

2 J . Fever with chills

Oil prepared with flakes of garlic as above should be applied to the body the moment one starts feeling feverish.

2 K . Insect bites

Rub a flake of garlic onto the site of an insect bite as it helps in reducing the toxin of the insect.’

Ayurvedic Physician Vilas Jagannath Shinde, Jijai Ayurveda Chikitsalay, Khalapur, Raigad District
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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