Deity Shri Halsiddhanth of the Holy place Appachiwadi reassures devotees through His benediction

Shrikshetra Appachhiwadi, Kurli (Nipani taluka, Belgavi district) – ‘Bhola Shankar will beckon Halsiddhanath, will plead unto him. ‘I will destroy the Corona virus. The court of 33 crore Deities has closed and that of Khadka (where predictions are made before pilgrims) has commenced and will continue as this is the seat of Dharma, so pay obeisance to it.’ This is the reassurance given by Shri Halsiddhanath Deity to His devotees on November 3, 2020 at 4.15 a.m., through the medium of H.H. Bhagwan Vaghapure (Done) Maharaj.

He further predicted, ‘The Hindus will rule, China will attack Bharat, the war at the Indo-Pak border will reach at its peak, one-fourth of Pakistan will be conquered by Bharat, women will win in politics, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj will be reborn, Islamic nations will be razed and wiped off from the globe.’ Due to the restrictions imposed due to the Corona pandemic, this time the number of devotees from Appachiwadi, Kurli, Raibag, Chikkodi, Nipani, Sankeshwar, Kolhapur etc. attending this event, were comparatively less.

The highlight of the pilgrimage of Shrikshetra Appachiwadi Kurli (Nipani taliuka, Belgavi district) are these predictions (In order to perceive the nature of the predictions, they are presented here in as is form. For the readers to comprehend the meaning of the predictions, explanation for some of the sentences have been given in brackets wherever necessary. – DSPEditor).

(Compilers : Sevaks Mr. Virbhadra Vibhute and Mr. Rajendra Vibhute, Kurli, Nipani taluka, Belgavi district)

H. H. Bhagwan Done Maharaj making the predictions at the Khadak temple in Shrikshetra Appachiwadi in the presence of devotees


1. The holy place of Appachiwadi will become replica of Shirdi

Read the Holy verses aloud in the meetings. But if you lie then that will materialise. I will continue the process started by Done Maharaj. There are ample water-laden clouds in the sky which are like nectar. Rainfall will not be consistent. One farm will receive rainfall; however, the adjacent farm will remain dry. Similarly, all villages will not receive rainfall. In these words, Shri Halsiddhanath has described the current state of rainfall. Rainfall will be non-seasonal and will occur when not needed. The clouds are diseased (meaning that unlike before when rainfall would occur only during the monsoon season, now due to manmade pollution rainwater too is contaminated). God is standing on one foot on the mountain Dronagiri and observing the world. There is darkness all over due to the sins committed by humans.

The royal family of Kolhapur are descendants of warrior class. Just as Navaratri continues for nine days this pilgrimage continues for seven days. The glory of Vadi Kurli will spread all over the world. My pilgrimage starts on Kojagiri pournima (Full moon night). I play in the tamarind garden (the place of the alive samadhi of Nath), rest in the farm of Kari (the place reserved for relaxation of Deities), preach at the farm of Khadka (where the pilgrimage starts and predictions are made). Deities have been residing in the Khadka area since ages and that is where I dwell too.

The one who denigrates me will perish. 33 crores Deities have assembled in Their court in the farm of Khadka. In the midst of flower gardens I control the earth (God controls all the happenings in the entire universe). In words to be etched in gold I state that Appachiwadi will become a place of pilgrimage and replica of Shirdi. Tirupati Balaji incarnates here. Appachiwadi at Kurli, the court of Halsiddhanath and the meritorious region of Halsiddhanath will remain sacred.


2. The glory of Halsiddhanath is being sung in the three worlds

The glory of turmeric powder will spread worldwide (glory of bhandara which is yellow in colour will spread worldwide). The glories of Halsiddhanath are being sung in the three worlds. My blessings to the priests of Kurli. If anyone tries to create discord here, then he will attain hell. Deity Shankar will beckon Halsiddhanath and plead before Him. The Corona virus will surrender at My feet and will be destroyed. The functioning of the 33 crore Deities may have come to a standstill but the court of Khadka continues, it is the seat of Dharma, so pay obeisance to it.


3. Rice and jowar crop will be abundant

The caged embodied soul will speak. (Here cage refers to the physical body. A soul that has subtle knowledge enters this caged body and makes the predictions). The sister lunar asterisms of Mirga Ashwini, Bharani, Katya, Krutika and Rohini will rise bringing about harvesting of the crop in the Konkan region. (Here He guides farmers about planetary positions.) God has divided the world into three regions – Konkan, Central and Rest of the world. Once harvesting is completed now, it will happen only next year. Adequate rainfall will happen for getting a long lasting crop. Rice and jowar will be abundant. The process of fixing selling price of the grains is dependent upon the policy which will decide the future of the farmers. The prices of food grain will remain average.


4. Green gram, pulses, pigeon lentil, soyabean
will grow in abundance with the price of lentil remaining high

Green gram, pulses, pigeon lentil, soyabean will grow in abundance and the price of lentil will remain high. White pulses will grow in abundance with sufficient provision to the poor. From now on, the crops within a month and a half. Red chillies will have a moderate crop but will fetch a good price. Earlier one used to store food grain at home and the fodder would remain in the forest. Henceforth you will get a good crop in the fields but will have to use fodder judiciously due to its shortage, this is the message God has to convey.


5. There will be daylight dacoities and plunder

Maharashtra will receive electric supply from Enron, shortage of which will disrupt human life. There will be daylight dacoities and plunder. Border issues will be central to political discussions. There will be chaos at the borders. In Nipani, terrorists will create havoc and spread arson. In Karnataka, a major dam will develop a crack in and result in flooding of 1/4th part of the state. (By this we comprehend that perhaps a major dam will get destroyed due to bombing by the enemy and result in flooding of 1/4th part of Karnataka – Compiler)


6. Sugarcane farming and dairy farming will bring a drastic political change

Every year there is agitation over sugarcane prices which brings about a change in politics at the village and taluka level. Power centres will change. There will be a struggle for power. Farmers will toil day and night. They will buy cattle, rear, and milk them. (Considering the amount of money and efforts farmers have to spend right from procuring the fodder to feed the cattle, rearing them etc. the farmers do not get much monetary benefits.)

The milk will be supplied to the dairy. The corrupt dairy manager will grab the proceeds putting the cattle owner in debt. Prices of cattle will skyrocket. Bullock cart racing has now attained a appalling form. To win the race, oxen are given liquor, beaten up and tormented. Such people will be cursed by these animals. Price of milk will keep increasing. Man’s life will centre only around himself, his wife, and children. Parents will be ignored. If sugarcane crop gets infected, then it will not fetch any price. As it will not be possible to stack such sugarcane in the fields, farmers will be compelled to dispose it off it on the roads.


7. Mother Earth will get ruptured

The riverbanks will dry up. 12-year-old girls will become mothers. Immorality is growing and you will experience it by your eyes and ears. (Analysing the present situation, immorality, unrighteous conduct of humans and growing pollution etc. is resulting in the earth losing its balance.) There will be deterioration in communities and castes with enmity and rioting. There are variety of crops each with flowers of various colours. Yellow and purple flowered crops will grow abundantly and fetch good prices, white flowered ones will grow moderately.


8. One-fourth region of Pakistan will be in the control of Bharat

Maratha soldiers will not fear death and will fight the Pakistani army tooth and nail. After a war 1/4th of Pakistan will become deserted and come in the control of Bharat. Bharatmata will be hailed there.


9. Cloth will become cheap

Various types of clothes will become cheap for humans. Wool will gain importance while cotton will not have much value. As per Divine prediction, (later sheep will give birth to a male child. The world will see a miracle. My blessings are with the shepherd – Compiler). The shepherd will then be able to tour the world.

Shepherds will become rich due to sheep. A completely different breed will be born from the sheep. A sheep will cost 1 lakh rupees. Sheep will be decorated with gold necklace. People will glorify the sheep and carry them in a palanquin as their worth will be more than gold. (Formerly women from rich families wore specific variety of gold necklace. In the times to come sheep will gain similar importance and will acquire the worth of gold.)

The children of shepherds may embrace the bear presuming it to be sheep. (In the present times man is changing his colours every now and then. He is internally different than what he carries himself as externally. Therefore, whom we call a sheep today may actually be like a bear, aggressive, cruel or vile. Man is trusting the incapable and wrong people today.)


10. Prices of sugar and jaggery will remain high

The prices of sugar and jaggery will remain high. (He roughly predicted the price of a quintal of sugar and jaggery).


11.Tobacco will ruin families

There will be a moderate crop of tobacco and its price will skyrocket. Tobacco related diseases will be at rise and will destroy families (A plant called bambakhu will grow in abundance in the tobacco fields in near future. It will destroy the crop of tobacco. It will suck all essential nutrients that tobacco requires.) The price of tobacco will fall from 3300 to 3000 rupees. (Approximate cost predicted by God). Sugarcane will grow in abundance improving the financial status of man. As man will earn more than his needs, he will get addicted to vices leading to his death.)


12. Man will be afflicted with a disease having 18 manifestations

Man will suffer from 18 different kinds of diseases such as fever, viral cough etc and doctors will be unable to treat it. (This appears to be with reference to HIV infections which are still incurable. HIV AIDS has reached even small villages. Even doctors are helpless in front of this disease – Compiler)

My prediction will not go wrong. (This has turned out to be true with respect to the Corona virus. – Compiler) Man should follow the Dharma (Righteousness). Rat fears the cat and not the tiger (man does not deter while performing sinful acts, whereas he should be fearful of performing sins. On the other hand he is fearful of performing meritorious actions, whereas he should perform them with courage.) in the month of Chaitra the cows will go to graze. A rupee will assume the size of the cartwheel. (Earlier there was no tea, then the famous began drinking it, now even the common man drinks it. In fact he has become addicted to it. – Compiler). There will be a lot of violence.


13. Women will win in politics

A nine-year old girl will mature (menstruate) and will therefore marry early (lifespan of man is reducing but his intellect is growing). Jewellery and money will prove deleterious to man. Don’t keep an expectation that someone who has left home will definitely return. Price of copper and iron will soar. In a few years, gold will lose its value but that of silver will grow. Politics will become a power game, politicians will amass wealth and betray their country. The saffron flag will fly high, a cause of worry for others.


14. Survival will be difficult for the poor

Congress Party will lose power. It will split into two sections and they will fight between themselves. Political leaders will forget God. The service class will destroy the society. Non-corrupt people will be difficult to find. Judges will receive bribes from both parties and create conflicts between them. People will not get justice even with the power of money. They will make truth appear as untruth and vice versa. Inflation will reach its peak. Survival will be difficult for the poor. Weddings will be performed all through the year.


15. China will attack Bharat

China will attack Bharat. Goons are ruling. Terrorists will attack and leave after creating scams and striking bomb blasts. Delhi will suffer great losses and the seat of power will receive a jolt. Cities adjoining cities will be reduced to villages. The international market will collapse, the world will be in chaos (today worldwide spread of Corona virus infections have created a turmoil already – Compiler). There will be war at the Indo-Pak border and women will be molested and raped in broad daylight.


16. Islamic countries will be wiped off from the face of the earth

Islamic nations will be destroyed and wiped off from the face of the earth. Such short dwarfs will be born that for them only 5 cm clothing will suffice. Storms and earthquakes will create upheavals in the sea and country. Nine lakh women will be widowed on the banks of River Krishna. Streams of blood will flow. (The war will initiate in the East and spread to the West and entire world will be engulfed in the war – Compiler). Coming period will be such terrifying that population from 1/4th part of the world will be destroyed. Every passing day will appear as a nightmare. Since there would be no electricity, torch created by lighting a long stick will have to be used to provide light.


17. Only a devotee will experience few days of happiness

Childhood will end at 12, youth will toil with hard work at the age of 24 and old age will set in at 35. (At present the lifestyle of man has completely changed. Earlier, humans lived till the age of 100 years. Now due to lack of exercise, improper diet and addictions, physical body is deteriorating fast and old age is setting up at the age of 35). Man has acquired more intellect and a low lifespan. There will be odd happenings such as love relationships between brother and sister resulting in their marriage. This will stigmatize brother-sister relationships. Relations between siblings, in-laws etc. will sour. Righteousness is failing, the truth is not prevailing. Sins in the world are as tall as mountains but merits have reduced to just a thread. The mountains are surviving on the strength of the threads. (There are very few righteous beings. The world is surviving on the support of these righteous individuals.) Mother Earth is resting on the hood of Shesh. The earth’s contract is nearing its end (its destruction is nearing). Only devotees will be able experience some amount of happiness.


18. Blood will be shed for agriculture

The goddess of wealth is disappearing both from the home and the forests (this is with reference to agriculture. There is no guarantee that the crop will always be abundant every year, sometimes there may be losses.) Money is driving man crazy (after the demonetisation of currency man had to face several problems and drove him crazy.) People will fight for farming. One plough will be used by four farmers. (In earlier times, every farmer owned one plough, however now as agriculture has become mechanised many do not have ploughs. – Compiler). The child of the tiller is plunged in thought (low price for crop, non-availability of bullocks for farming, unpredictable climate and other factors are troubling farmers.) Bullocks would be valued as gold (as their numbers are dwindling and inflation is rising).

The world has three rulers – Rain God (Meghraja), cattle (Basavraja) and the farmer (Kulambiraja). I give my blessings to the progeny of farmers. You will wait for rain. There is rain in summer and heat in the monsoons. It will rain righteousness resulting in the crop of deeds. Lack of rainfall will result in change in seasons.


19. Hail Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Misfortune is befalling the world, a big catastrophe has befallen the Devi from Kolhapur. She is shedding tears (due to the sins committed by man and his unrighteous conduct).

The Supreme God will grant His justice. Man should eat vegetable and bhakri (Bread) cautiously. (When farmers eat vegetables with bhakri and if the quantity of vegetables is less they consume it in less proportion. In the same way man should conserve petrol, diesel and other fuel and use water judiciously instead of wasting. Just because it is presently available in abundance, it should not be wasted. In future there could be a shortage.) This is the thorn of a berry (When serving me do so with devotion, follow a righteous path. If man does not wish to listen to Me and behave as he desires then he should not visit me as he will get punished like the prick of a thorn.)

A torch will be lit on the throne of Kolhapur and flowers will be showered on the kingdom of Satara (This prediction is ancient from the Shivaji Maharaj era. Following the death of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj there was a rift between the two kingdoms of Satara and Kolhapur. God wants to say here that the kingdom of the throne of Satara will be preserved indicated by showering with flowers.- Compiler) With passage of time Khadka will undergo destruction. (In the times to come perhaps due to the misdeeds of man God will abandon this place after which there will be no alternative left for him but to repent. Implied meaning of this is that the number of calamities will be such that humans will have to repent continuously – Compiler) Glorify Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He will be reborn.


20. The saffron flag shall rule

The saffron flag shall rule, the reign of the tricolour will be over. If the earth has nine continents then Kashi, my seat of functioning, is the tenth one. In Kolhapur I reside. (The region of nine continents is on one side and the tenth, Kashi is on the other. That is where I am studied. I also reside in Kolhapur.) If you serve Halsiddhanath, then you will never starve. Do not wallow in self-pride, that will deceive you. Do not quarrel over one’s ego and greatness. The small will prosper and the prosperous will fall. Dwell in the Pandhari (villages) of the shepherd community, unitedly.


21. I shall take your unhappiness upon myself

I have come to tell you, you will be attacked, this is the Mumbai High Court. I will come to give justice. This is the cup of poison. This is the thorn of berries, the burning coal of the khair tree. (Come to me with a pure mind. If your mind is impure you will be punished.) I will take your grief upon myself and will give you with my supernatural powers, will alleviate suffering and disease from the village. I will protect Pandhari (the commune of the shepherd community). (The mausoleum of Shri Rajgiri Maharaj from the 11th century is in Appachiwadi, Kurli. When Halsiddhanath manifested here in the 16th-17th century He conversed with Rajgiri Maharaj in the subtle and asked Maharaj whether this spot was appropriate to build His (Maharaj’s) mausoleum upon which Maharaj granted permission. He however took an assurance from Nath that He would protect the subjects of five surrounding villages in Kurli area. That is why during every prediction Halsiddhanath promises to protect Pandhari.)

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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