Depth of the calamitous times

After strike by the Corona virus there is now a talk of a state of disaster/crisis. In the past five months, a micro-organism, a virus has suddenly brought the functioning of all worldly activities to a standstill. Before we could get out of the shock of the Corona virus, a new problem of recession has come up due to the lockdown. The financial problems which will follow will be so grave that no one will be spared. In the midst of this pandemic have arisen other natural calamities such as hurricanes, heat waves, locust attacks on crops, all in an expansive form. The hurricane ‘Amfan’ created havoc in West Bengal and Odisha. As there was a forewarning about this hurricane the Government evacuated nearly 6 lakh citizens to safety resulting in minimum human loss but tremendous loss of property occurred. Toworsen the situation, two days ago locust attack happened in states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra destroying crops of oranges, sweet limes, green leafy vegetables and fields ready for harvesting. Though remedies such as spraying insecticides, creating noises to drive them off were implemented in some places, the loss was inevitable. A section of citizens also had to face the wrath of a heat wave. Recently in Nagpur in Maharashtra a temperature of 46.7 degrees centigrade was recorded. During this period four cities from Bharat viz Pilani, Churu, Nagpur and Chandrapur were listed in the 10 hottest cities of the world.

While dealing with the disasters of Corona and other natural calamities, the world on the other hand is heading towards the Third World War very fast. Bharat will not be able to isolate itself from this war. Tensions have developed at the Ladakh border between China and Bharat, Nepal is waiting to pounce on Bharat and the headache of Pakistan is perpetual. Recently the Police and Army have unearthed a conspiracy of jihadis who were planning a Pulwama like attack in Jammu and Kashmir. The infiltration of Pakistan in PoKashmir is continuing. Within the country too life-threatening attacks on Holy men and Saints are increasing. There is growing discontent among citizens about lack of co-ordination, lapses in administration and irresponsible behaviour with respect to the Corona pandemic. Instead of looking at all these incidents as isolated if viewed as a chain of events then we will realise that the calamitous times have not only begun but that at every moment the whole world is racing, rather is being pushed rapidly towards these adverse times.


No alternative to spiritual practice

This calamtious time or time of crisis has not appeared suddenly. Several Saints with foresight and astrologers too have predicted that the period from 2020 to 2023 will be engulfed with calamities and that spiritual practice alone will ferry one across it. The upcoming Third World War is predicted to be so fearsome that in comparison the First and Second World Wars will seem like child’s play. This statement by a Saint goes a long way in explaining the intensity of this calamitous period. So, thinking that calamities like Corona will come and go and that life will return to normal once again is like day-dreaming. To cross this period of crisis, as advised by Saints, there is no alternative to performing spiritual practice. Here your accumulated spiritual practice is of more use than your bank balance. Many on the spiritual path have experienced this during the Corona pandemic. Others things are relevant only if you survive. The present-day struggle for survival is to be fought not only on a medical, social or economic plane, it has to be fought on the spiritual plane as well.

Spiritual practice gives the courage to remain stable and face a crisis. If your spiritual strength is insufficient then the situation will be serious. Presently internet, electricity and several other amenities are still existing. In the upcoming times when these too will be lost what will be the plight of man? Imagine the state when there will be a shortage of allopathic physicians or of medicines. This is not mere imagination or a probability but they are predictions for the future and one cannot deny the fact that these things may not happen. Four stages of the lockdown for Corona are almost over and we do not know how many more stages are to come. Hence instead of remaining deluded, to enhance spiritual strength, citizens should receive training in self-defence, first aid and firefighting and instead of relying only on allopathic treatment should study alternative forms of medicine and should plant medicinal plants on priority.

The Kalachakra (wheel of time) is the cause for these calamitous times. In Spiritual terminology when unrighteousness prevails on the earth there is onset of calamitous times and when that is completed the benevolent times start. At present the world is heading towards these periods of crises. Yet this boat in the form of spiritual practice will ferry us across. Just as the sun rises after the dark night so also after getting out of the calamitous times the golden rays of benevolence will shine. However, for that both the king and his subjects need to perform spiritual practice.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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