‘Sanatan Panchang 2020’ app based on the Hindu Panchang, providing unique information on Dharma and Spirituality available for one and all !

Download today this popular app liked by 5 lakhs plus users & available in 7 languages !

The ‘Sanatan Panchang 2020’ app has been recently launched. This app has unique information on various topics such as festivals and vowed religious observances, religious education, protection of Dharma and the Nation together with almanac and auspicious days (muhurat). Also, excellent information on Ayurveda, Healing methods, Spirituality, etc. makes this app a guiding light for Hindus in their day to day life. The Sanatan Sanstha appeals to the entire Hindu community to take benefit of this ‘one-of-its-kind’ app ! This app is available on Google Play and has a new ‘tithi’ widget added to it. The Sanatan Panchang app is available in different Indian languages such as Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, likewise it is available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms.


Characteristic Features of the ‘Sanatan Panchang 2020’ app !

1. Simple and easy to understand information about days, muhurats,almanac, festivals and vowed religious observances in just a click !

2. Information about the noble work done by Saints, National Heroes and Revolutionaries to instill pride and love for the Nation and Dharma !

3. Information about Ayurveda and healing methods beneficial to heal diseases for a healthy life !

4. Informative videos on how to celebrate festivals like Ganeshotsav, Gudi Padwa etc. as per Dharmashastra !

5. Information on Sanatan Sanstha’s valuable holy texts regarding Spirituality, Dharma, Values, Diet, Ayurveda, etc.

6. Used and liked by more than 5 lakhs Almanac users !


Links to download the app and QR codes for downloading
English app (QR codes for downloading English app are attached.)

Android : http://bit.ly/sanatan- panchang-2020-all-languages

iOS : http://bit.ly/sanatan- panchang-2020-iOS-all- languages

Yours faithfully,

Chetan Rajhans,
Sanatan Sanstha

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