Chant Shree Ram’s name and accept the Supreme Court’s verdict in Ram Janmabhoomi case, and maintain the wellbeing of the society! – Sanatan Sanstha

Chetan Rajhans, National spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha

There’s a strong possibility that the Supreme Court will deliver its verdict in the most eagerly awaited Shree Ramjanmabhoomi case, prior to November 17, 2019. On the backdrop of this judgement, the entire Hindu society should fix a specific time in the day to collectively chant Shree Ram’s name with the family, earnestly pray unto Shree Ram for the establishment of Ram Rajya, make regular attempts to imbibe the ideal qualities of Shree Ram, and in addition to that, accept whatever verdict is pronounced in this case whilst maintaining the wellbeing of the society, Chetan Rajhans, National spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha has appealed.

In this case, the possibility of anti-social elements trying to disrupt peace in the society cannot be ruled out. In the unlikely event that the worst happens, people should place their faith in Shree Ram and behave responsibly and cooperate with the police and state administration. Shree Ram’s name possesses immense power; thus, the society should be actively encouraged to chant Shree Ram’s name. The devotees of Shree Ram inevitably witnesses spiritual experience when they perform tasks after placing their faith in Him. The Hindu society should attempt to experience this spiritual experience, Shri Rajhans has said.

Yours faithfully,

Chetan Rajhans,

National Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

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