‘Ravana Falls’ and ‘Ravana Cave’ in Ella town of Sri Lanka

Ella is a small city 51 kms away from ‘Nuwara Eliya’, situated in mountainous region of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is also called ‘Ravana Ella’. There are few places in this city which are said to be related to history of Ravana.

The famous Waterfall known as ‘Ravana Falls’


1. Ravana Falls

There is a waterfall at 2 kms distance from Ella city which is known as ‘Ravana Falls’ (See Pic. No.1) There is a cave at a little distance from this place which is known as ‘Ravana Cave’. Both, the waterfall and the cave, are in hilly region.

There is an imprint of big demonic face on the stone which is at the entrance of ‘Ravana Cave’ and such scary demonic faces are found on many stones inside this cave.


2. Ravana setting up different cities using his illusive
powers and roads made thro’ tunnels in hills for going to those cities

Ravana had many supernatural powers. He had illusive power since he was a demon and with that power, he ruled people of Sri Lanka. He had created different cities for people with his illusive powers and tunnels were dug out to go to those cities. These tunnels were very wide that 4 bullock carts could go at a time through the tunnels. Once you enter the tunnel, there are many diversions to go to various places. The tunnels were used as hiding places also during enemy attacks.


3. Ravana Cave

3. A. Entry beyond 200 mtrs is prohibited and
big face of a demon imprinted on stone at entrance of the cave

Student-seekers climbing 700 steps for going towards ‘Ravana Cave’
Student-seekers examining the huge entrance going towards ‘Ravana Cave’
The big demonic face imprinted on stone near entrance of ‘Ravana Cave’ and many such fearsome faces on stones inside the Cave

One has to climb 700 steps for going to the cave (See Pic No.2).

We reached the entrance of the cave after climbing these steps. The height of the Cave is similar to height of a 3- storied building. Presence of a big tunnel was not at all apparent when one reached the entrance gate of Cave. (See Pic. No.3)

We are allowed to go only till 200 meters inside the cave built by Ravana but one cannot go further as a big stone has been kept there by the Government prohibiting people from going inside. We were told by the local people that there were bats, wild animals and poisonous snakes in the cave. At the entrance of the Cave, a demonic face has been imprinted on a stone and there are many scary faces imprinted on stones inside the cave with eyes seemed to be looking at us. (See Pics. 4 and 5)

3. B. Observations made after entering the Cave

1. Huge pressure is felt once inside the cave, one gets nauseating feeling and head starts aching. We acclaimed Prabhu Shriramchandra by raising slogan acclamation of ‘Prabhu Shriramchandra ki Jai’ in the cave.

2. Many local people also are afraid of going there. We, however, got a good guide with the grace of Shriram; therefore, we could go inside the cave. He said, “Nobody stops here even for ten minutes. Some people even go back from the entrance.”

3. Ravana ruled this part during ‘Treta-Yuga’ that is millions of years ago. Even then, everything created by Ravana gives out same vibrations. We strongly felt presence of protective shield created by Gurudev around us, on entering the Cave and we realized that Guru has been always protecting us. We felt immense gratitude towards Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale.”

– Shri. Vinayak Shanbaug, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa
Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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