Are you distressed with constant sneezing ?

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Everyone sneezes. If you sneeze for 1 – 2 times then it is considered normal, but if you are sneezing repeatedly and continuously then it becomes a problem. We feel restless due to continuous sneezing, and we also get irritated. Many people also get a headache due to sneezing. If you are getting sneezes continuously then try to use the commonly used household remedies to restrict them.

1. Cold air could be a reason for sneezing

Sometimes the nose is stuffy after getting up in the morning and then we get lots of sneezes. Therefore, some people get scared by thinking, ‘Am I suffering from Corona !’ Reason behind sneezing is not always Corona. Having a stuffy nose due to the cold air during night may also be a primary reason behind it. Due to cold air, the fluid running from sinus gets stuffed up. We sneeze so that this obstacle in the respiratory system goes away. Sometimes our mouth remains open after we are asleep, and we start breathing through our mouth once our nose chokes up. Thereafter due to the cold air flowing through our throat, our throat becomes red from inside.

2. Remedies for sneezing

Vaidya Meghraj Madhav Paradkar

A. If we experience sneezing after getting up in the morning, as well as if the throat becomes red from inside and if we feel the pain after pressing the throat at the bottom of the jaw from outside, then heat should be applied to nose, ear, throat and the bottom part of the jaw line from outside. A heating pad should be used to apply heat. Instead of inhaling steam, applying the dry heat using heating pad is more beneficial. With this, after clearing the nose the stuffy fluid gets expelled out of the nose. Sneezing stops automatically after removing this obstacle from the respiratory channel.

B. Around 2 – 3 drops of mustard oil should be put in the nose. The oil should be sucked upwards. By doing this, the sneezing stops. This is an extremely effective remedy.

3. Preventive remedy

One should wrap the head with a pull over while sleeping to prevent sneezing. Cotton balls should be plugged in the ear. Oil should be applied to the inside of nostrils. Drinking milk or water should be avoided before going to bed. If one must drink water, then only 1-2 sips should be taken.’

Vaidya (Ayurvedic Dr.) Meghraj Paradkar, Sanatan Ashram, Goa. (11.7.2022)

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