Only spiritual practice will empower us to lead a stress-free life during the forthcoming adverse times ! – Pujya Ashok Patrikar, ‘Dharmapracharak’, Sanatan Sanstha

Stress in life is only 10 percent due to external causes and 90 percent due to internal causes. Only spiritual practice can help overcoming such problems and enable us to lead a truly happy life. Spiritual practice is the only solution in the forthcoming adverse times to lead a stress-free life, was the guidance given by Sanatan Sanstha’s ‘Dharmapracharak’ Saint Ashok Patrikar

To protect oneself from the Corona pandemic and the Third World War and for a stress-free life it is necessary to perform spiritual practice – H.H. Ashok Patrikar, Dharmapracharak, Sanatan Sanstha

Kochi The director of the TKP Spiritual Comittee in Calicut, women’s group, Mrs. Snehalata Malpani had organised an online discourse on the ‘Importance of chanting’. Mrs. Shilpa Magdum of Sanatan Sanstha introduced the Sanstha and explained the importance of chanting the Name of the Family Deity and Deity Datta, while Mrs. Sandip Kaur explained the different methods of chanting and details on how to chant with a japamala.